How to Roll A Blunt

Have you ever wondered how to roll a blunt? You’re in luck! Greenside Recreational has got you covered! The first time I smoked with anyone from Greenside Recreational was with a group smoking a blunt after work. The blunt was passed to me and I took a long draw. As I exhaled I asked who had rolled this beautiful blunt. They all pointed at the budtender Xavier. I knew this was my guy for a how-to.


How to roll a blunt 01 Noble Farms

We started off with a couple grams by Noble Farms from Tacoma, Washington. A single gram is a good amount for an average sized blunt using a standard wrap, although you can stuff more in one and you can certainly buy over sized wraps. Today we went with some Blackberry Headband for the first blunt and Ace of Spades for the second.


How to roll a blunt 02 Noble Farms

Being old school we used Swisher Sweets Cigarillos. You’ll have to break these up and remove the tobacco yourself. You can also by virgin wraps so you won’t have to remove tobacco, but where’s the fun in that?


How to roll a blunt 03

Start at one ends and gently pull the outside apart with your thumbs. Work your way to the other end. If you ended up with a dry cigar this will be difficult. It’s important to gently squish a wrap when you buy it. If it’s crunchy, point that out to the clerk immediately and they will typically exchange. Typically you have to buy the cigar before you can handle it, so it’s important to check the freshness right there when it gets into your hands.


How to roll a blunt 04

After you’ve broken it open, use a finger to push the tobacco out. Again, this will be difficult if the cigar is dry. You can see the ones we purchased were perfect.


How to roll a blunt 05 Noble Farms

Get your buds. We went with the full gram of Noble Farms Blackberry Headband for this one.


How to roll a blunt 06 Noble Farms

Break your buds apart. Some people simply don’t have ‘the touch’ and should not be doing this by hand, as they will destroy the weed. For those people there are grinders. But we’re professionals…


How to roll a blunt 07 Noble Farms

After the buds are broken down, proceed to pack the wrap. There’s no real strategy here aside from evenly displacing the herb.


How to roll a blunt 08 Noble Farms


How to roll a blunt 09 Noble Farms

It’s important to have the weed broken down properly and distributed evenly to ensure an even burn.


How to roll a blunt 11 Noble Farms

How to roll a blunt 10 Noble Farms

Work the weed into a manageable state. Some people use their phones or credit cards to pack down the broken up buds. Fingers work fine if you’re comfortable.


How to roll a blunt 12 Noble Farms

After a practice roll, lightly lick the inside of the wrap. You should lick the portion you intend to fold over, not the whole thing.


How to roll a blunt 13 Noble Farms

Continue your way down, lightly licking the inside before you fold. If a it it looks like it’s about to lift, use your tongue lightly to push it down. Careful to not get it too wet.


How to roll a blunt 14 Noble Farms

If you take your time and don’t get too eager to light it, you will be rewarded with a beautiful blunt that burns evenly.


How to roll a blunt 15 Noble Farms

Light it, hit it, pass it!

Extra Info for Beautiful Blunts

Okay, so we’ve covered everything you need to know to get your blunts rolled, sparked, and smoked. But that won’t help you craft the perfect blunt.

Next, we’ll include some information that can help you perfect your blunt game. 

What Types of Cigars Should I Use?

We mentioned using Swisher Sweet Cigarillos earlier in this post. You can use other types of cigars to roll blunts, though!

Like the size and simplicity of cigarillos? Black and Milds, Phillies, White Owls, and Backwoods are all great options.

You could also opt for a full-size cigar. Dutch Masters are a notable classic that you can find in almost any convenience store in the country. Depending on where you live, Green Games are a great choice, although certain regions seem to get particularly dry Games.

Do I Need Any Tools to Roll a Blunt?

One of the nice things about blunts is that you don’t really need any specialized equipment to roll them. Instead, they’re about technique. As long as you have the method down, you’ll roll nice blunts every time.

A few tools can make the process easier, though. For example, grinders can help break up weed into a fine powder. That’s helpful if you don’t have “the touch” we mentioned earlier.

Additionally, some kind of narrow, thin poking device can help pack flower more tightly into your blunt. If you buy blunt skins instead of actual cigars, use the plastic tube the skin came rolled around inside the package. Both grinders and pokers can help even experienced blunt rollers achieve a more even, slower burn.

What Type of Weed Should I Use For Blunts?

Wondering whether you should twist up some heavy indicas or a heady sativa into your next blunt? The answer to that question depends entirely on what you’re trying to achieve!

If you’re chilling with friends at a low-key hang, indicas may be the way to go. They’re perfect for video games, movies, books, and just all-around relaxing.

In contrast, sativas are a better choice if you’re going out. Heading to a party? Sativa blunts are the way to go. Since sativas also have a reputation for inspiring creativity, sativa blunts could also be a good option for band practices, creating visual art, and more.

How are Blunts Different from Joints?

While blunts and joints are similar (and non-smokers can sometimes get them confused), they’re completely different.

Joints utilize cigarette paper to burn and hold weed. This makes them essentially cannabis cigarettes. In contrast, blunts make use of cigar paper. It’s a thicker, more durable material than joint paper. As a result, blunts can actually be a little more forgiving to newer rollers. 

Finally, blunts also usually have a thicker, hazier smoke than joints do. This can give them a smoother texture than harsh joint smoke has.

Remember that no amount of reading on the internet will teach you how to roll a perfect blunt. You still need to practice! And there’s only one way to do that: get out there and start rolling!

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