Avitas Agriculture tour

Nothing makes me happier than touring a grow facility. Seeing exactly who and where your weed comes from is an enlightening experience. Sometimes this visit can leave you with cause for concern. A disgusting basement, a jackass grower, or just a general negative energy can have you second guessing the buds in your pipe. This was far from the case when Greenside Recreational visited Avitas Agriculture.


Avitas Agriculture (20)

We headed North of Seattle on a foggy October morning. We were greeted by their salesman Jason when we arrived, and he was eager to show us their beautiful and well-kept facility. We were shown how they use their waste water for their garden of vegetables as well as the chickens they have to lay eggs. Before stepping inside I knew the energy was right with this place.


Avitas Agriculture (32)

We started the cannabis tour in the nursery, where we got to see the beginning stages of their growing process. This was done with their lead grower Jason. It was a pleasure spending time with the two Jasons on our trip. They are both very passionate about the recreational industry. And it was fun hearing insight from people that play equally important yet different roles in the process.


Avitas Agriculture (13)

Next we were taken to their flowering room. Being new to the recreation business myself, it was an exciting experience seeing such a well-sorted larger scale grow.


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After viewing the plants we were taken to processing and extraction. Again they were blowing our minds with their high quality artisanal products.


Avitas Agriculture (45)

We’re very grateful that Avitas Agriculture was kind enough to invite us into their grow and allowed us to take so many beautiful photos to share with you. And we are grateful that are able to create such amazing products that we all enjoy. On our way out we were given a box of vegetables and eggs from their farm. Can’t say that’s ever happened to me before.


Enjoy the photos!


Blue Cinex

Avitas Agriculture - Blue Cinex (7)


Deep Space

Avitas Agriculture - Deep Space (3)



Avitas Agriculture - Ewok (1)


Lemon Kush

Avitas Agriculture - Lemon Kush (5)


Louis OG

Avitas Agriculture - Louis OG



Avitas Agriculture - Plushberry (4)



Avitas Agriculture - Tangie (1)


The Hog

Avitas Agriculture - The Hog (4)




Queen Anne location now open! Visit us today at 523 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA