Make an Apple Pipe!


Make an apple pipe in under a minute!

Apple Pipe (1)

Ever find yourself with a fat bag of sticky green and no pipe? Or maybe just looking to change up your smoking ritual into a witty rhyme about keeping the doctor away? Fear not my stoner friends, we’ve got a quick tutorial on how to make an apple pipe in under 60 seconds using nothing more than a pen. Maybe a little longer if you’re puffing on some Western Cultured Jurassic OGK like I was.

First, find a pen that you can live with losing in case you break it taking it apart.

Pull the stem from the top of the bowl… I mean apple.

Apple Pipe Tutorial

Make sure the guts of the pen are completely removed.

Apple Pipe Tutorial

Insert the pen into the top of the apple, and push in, twisting as you push in.

Apple Pipe Tutorial

Then insert towards the bottom. You’ll do this so the sucking point is away from the flame.

Apple Pipe Tutorial

Here you can see the clean hole where you’ll suck. After this hole meets the hole from the bowl, the apple should come out with the pen.

Last but not least: the carb hole. You certainly don’t need one if you’re one of those old school smokers.

Apple Pipe Tutorial

Admire your work! Peak through the holes and make sure the passages are clear.

Apple Pipe Tutorial

Typically I would break up my bud, but in this case leave it whole so it won’t get sucked through the hole.

Apple Pipe Tutorial

Smoke, eat, and enjoy!

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