Greenside’s “Just Landed” Guide to Seattle



You’ve just touched down in the Emerald City. There’s sites to be seen and restaurants to enjoy, so what’s a tourist to do?  Don’t fret because we’re bringing you Greenside’s Just Landed Guide to Seattle.

Step 1: Catch a cab to Greenside Recreational
Hail a cab and head south on 99 to Greenside Recreational, located in Des Moines off S 170th Street on Air Cargo Road. If you’re jonesing to smoke after a long flight, you can rest assured. We’re just ten minutes from SEATAC!

Step 2: Have ID ready and check your bags at the door
All adults 21 and older may enter Greenside Recreational with a valid ID. Please have identification ready upon entry and check any backpacks at the door. (Have any more questions, check out our Frequently

Step 3: Sign up for our VIP Membership

As a warm Washington welcome, we give new customers ten percent off their first visit to Greenside. Additionally, check in at every visit by simply entering your phone number. On your tenth visit get another ten percent off your purchase. Now you’re ready to spark up the savings.

Step 4: Relax and browse the menu

Legal weed means lots of options. Browse Greenside’s menu of recreational cannabis items including flower, concentrates, pre-rolls and edibles. We carry an assortment of sativas, indicas, hybrids and CBDs to satisfy your needs. Greenside also sells smoking accessories. Don’t risk flying with paraphernalia.

Step 5: Let our budtenders assist you

We get it, a new shop can be overwhelming. Let our educated budtenders assist you. Not all strains provide the same effects. We want you to have the best high possible. Feel free to ask questions.

Step 6: Complete your transaction

One of our staff will assist in the completion of your transaction. Due to banking regulations, we are required to accept cash only. Our on-site ATM means one less stop if you don’t carry cash.

Step 7: Enjoy your purchase and enjoy the city!

Celebrate your arrival and enjoy your purchase. We love to light up around Seattle’s many sites like the Space Needle or Gasworks Park. If you get the munchies, enjoy a delicious assortment of local food at Pike Place Market.

Queen Anne location now open! Visit us today at 523 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA