Greenside Recreational Rewards Program

Greenside Recreational Rewards Program

How it works?

It’s easy to join!
Simply provide your phone number to your budtender at the time of your next purchase.

$1 spent = 1 point earned

Save up your points and choose when to redeem them for special members-only rewards.

Get a link to your "wallet" sent to your phone:

Give Loyalty a Try

Get rewarded just for signing up!
You’ll be automatically signed up to receive occasional texts from Greenside about weekly promotions, sales, and events. If you don't want to find out about our deals, you may opt out of the text subscription at any time without compromising your other member benefits!

Current offers:

100 Points
10% off Greenside Recreational

200 Points
15% off Greenside Recreational

300 Points
20% off Greenside Recreational

400 Points
25% off Greenside Recreational

500 Points

30% off Greenside Recreational

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