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Harmony Farms - Pink Lemonade

Harmony Farms recently invited us to tour their farm in Lacey, WA. We were really excited to visit, as this was our first time visiting an LED grow from a tier 3 producer/processor.

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We made the trip to Lacey from Des Moines during a wonderful Northwest downpour. We were greeted by our friend Chris, who introduced us to the Harmony Farms team and guided us through their farm. It’s always fun seeing how different farms operate. And this was a top notch experience. We suited up and headed in.

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After we entered the farming part of the facility, wearing our jumpsuits, we had to spray our feet down with disinfectant. This was to insure that we didn’t introduce any sort of fungus or mold. This is going above and beyond in my book.

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The tour continued and we were showed the various stages of growth. They explained their nutrient process and showed us how they had been receiving excellent results.

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The more time we spent there, the more we realized how much thought and effort was placed into even the simplest things. From the way they manage their nutrients to the LED lights, Harmony Farms is doing their best to blaze the trail for the next generation.

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Harmony Farms is new to the rec scene, but their team has experience like no other, and it shows. Top notch cannabis from top notch people. When we have it in stock, it sells out fast!

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As much as we love their flower, we were blown away by their high quality oil. Easily one of our new favorites!

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Stop by or visit us on Leafly to check current availability!

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Galactic Jack

Harmony Farms - Galactic Jack

Galactic Jack

Harmony Farms - Galactic Jack (1)

Gorilla Glue

Harmony Farms - Gorilla Glue (1)

Gorilla Glue

Harmony Farms - Gorilla Glue

White Tara

Harmony Farms - White Tara (1)

White Tara

Harmony Farms - White Tara

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