Imaginative Literature: Best Books for Reading While High

When experiencing a cannabis high, it can be difficult for many people to concentrate on certain tasks. However, some individuals find that their focus is actually improved by cannabis use, particularly those who dose with low amounts or those who have already built up cannabis tolerance. Though reading while high may take some adjusting, these examples of fine literature are rewarding to explore with the assistance of a good strain of cannabis.

Reading While High

Reading While High: Dante’s Inferno

For those undertaking the endeavor of reading while high, poetry can be a very worthwhile literary avenue to travel. Perhaps the most epic poet of all was Dante, whose Inferno is considered a timeless, haunting classic that takes readers into the depths of the underworld with vivid descriptions.

While the Inferno was written centuries ago, and offers intense depictions of tormented souls with each page, it can be a thrilling read for those interested in works of classic literature. Dante’s work has impacted modern culture in many ways both obvious and mysterious, and the influence of a cannabis will only help to deepen your understanding of this very important poem.

Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a surrealist adventure from the mind of Yann Martel, a completely unique novel that captured the imagination of readers across the globe after its publication. Lauded with numerous literary awards, Life of Pi follows a boy who becomes stranded on a lifeboat with a tiger after the ship he is travelling on sinks.

As a read that is guaranteed to be unlike anything one has ever encountered before, Life of Pi is worth picking up on any occasion. Those reading while high may find that the evocative, expressive language used in the book becomes even more memorable, as the effects of cannabis begin to mingle with the author’s wide and varied meaning.

Reading While High

Harry Potter

No list of items for reading while high could be complete without the seminal magical fantasy series of century, Harry Potter. Many might have already read Harry Potter in their youth, but revisiting the book while experiencing the right indica or sativa strain can place the events in an entirely new light.

Harry Potter is merely one suggestion for the high reader, but it may be fruitful to explore other fantasy series of one’s youth, too. These books often contain vivacious, bombastic descriptions and surprisingly mature plotting, making them great for all ages, and especially those in an altered state of mind.

Reading While High

House of Leaves

One of the most intriguing and mysterious books ever written, House of Leaves is recommended for those who enjoy dark, abstract, and challenging works of fiction that expand the mind almost as much as a cannabis high. When paired with a suitable strain for reading while high, the complex meaning of House of Leaves may be more easily elucidated.

Owing to its origins being passed around as a manuscript in underground cultural scenes, the book stands out for the numerous additions included over the years. For anyone reading while high, the innovative use of space and text will instantly captivate the mind, even if it takes some time to process the intent of the author’s words.

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