Indicas vs Sativas: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to cannabis, for inexperienced consumers, many strains can invoke a similar degree of intensity. Especially after those first few puffs, the effects of cannabis have a way of making themselves felt for hours, delivering the body into an almost mystical state of euphoria. However, the discerning cannabis connoisseur will quickly discover that different strains can have vastly differing outcomes for individuals who consume them. Here’s everything to know about the differences between indica vs sativa strains to help inform your next cannabis get-together.

Indica vs Sativa: What Are Indicas?

Indica strains are generally the most common kind of cannabis on the market, owing to their high demand. When consumers imagine the effects of cannabis, indica strains typically fit their mental description, with their deep sedative qualities and dense buds. Cannabis customers looking for a relaxing strain will often seek out and indica for their personal use.

While indicas can possess all manner of traits and genetics, the average indica has thick flowers that are difficult to pull apart and, generally, a strong herbal or earthy scent. At times, indicas are known to have purple hues featured in their buds, making some strains truly a sight to behold.

Indica vs Sativa: What Are Sativas?

The curious counterpart to indica strains, sativas, are known for their buoyant, vivacious effects. Unlike indica strains, sativas are considered ideal for those in search of a jolt of creativity, providing an uplifting and often clear-headed high that seems to make the world vibrant with energy. Sativas are sometimes used in conjunction with completing mundane tasks, like sweeping or doing the dishes.

If indica strains have a reputation for earthy aromas, sativas invoke a wide range of scent sensations, which are often remarked upon in the name of the strain. When opening a package of a sativa strain, expect anything from a blast of fruit to a delightfully minty fresh fragrance. Many sativa strains also harbor unique flavors, so they stand out as wonderful options for anyone looking to shake up their cannabis routine.

Hybrid Cannabis

Some strains bring together the phenomenal qualities of sativas and indicas, resulting in examples of cannabis that blend their distinct genetics into something entirely new. These strains are known as hybrids, and have contributed many of the most well-known examples of cannabis to the modern dispensary market.

Hybrid cannabis comes in all different varieties, with effects that span the gambit from indica-dominant to sativa hybrids and everything in between. It may take some time to get acquainted with all that’s available in the world of hybrids, but those who explore these peculiar strains will be well-rewarded.

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