How to Load a Hash Bowl

Dry sieved kief that has been pressed into coins or bricks is known as the classic style of hash. This style of processing can be consumed in a variety of different methods. Dry sift pressed hash can usually be found at Greenside Recreational, so ask your budtender if it is in stock next time you are in, or you can always check our live menu. Here are three of the many different styles for you to give a try.


Hash on a Screen in a Pipe

If you want to smoke hash by itself you can grab a bong or a pipe and put a metal screen in it. Hash comes in a variety of different consistencies; if the hash is powdered or has a very fine granular consistency, make sure that your screen has a tight mesh. You don’t want to suck it all through the screen on the first hit! The screens also come in 2 different materials, titanium or brass. Titanium will last the longest when put under repeated flame. Try to get the flame as close to the hash as possible without torching it, and enjoy the deep flavor and punch to the brain that classic hash is known for.


Hash on a Flower Bowl
Loading Hash on a Flower Bowl

Adding hash to a pipe that has flower in it creates a unique high as opposed to just smoking hash on its own. The hash enhances the normal effects of the flower with an added layer of stoned power! Layering the hash and flower will also create a long lasting smoke session that can easily get a group of tokers totally twisted up. Puff, puff, don’t pass out…


Hot Knife Hits           

Hot knife hits are one of the classic ways to consume hash and usually occur when there is nothing else around to smoke out of. Two knives are heated up at their tips and a piece of hash is dropped onto one of the knives. Then the other knife presses against the other side of the hash. The smoke is inhaled using a straw or by just sticking your face over the smoke. Not particularly the most efficient method, but it works.