Yup, You Can Juice Cannabis

Did you know that juicing cannabis is a form of consuming marijuana? It’s a great addition to any smoothie, or even as a shot on its own. Juicing marijuana leaves can be fun, tasty, and a great health benefit that is packed full of minerals and nutrients for your morning routine.


Medical patients with a doctor’s authorization in Washington State are allowed to grow their own cannabis at home, so they have access to fresh, clean leaf material. Many medical patients already know about the health benefits of juicing fruits and veggies, so adding marijuana leaves to mix was a no-brainer.


Recreational home growing of marijuana in Washington State has been discussed in the legislature before, but it is currently illegal. So, if you’re interested in growing your own cannabis, or even the possibility of purchasing fresh marijuana leaves from us at Greenside Recreational in the future, you’re going to have to talk to your legislature about your support for changing the law so that you can buy fresh marijuana leaves, legally.


For those who don’t have medical marijuana cards and a green thumb, you can stop by Greenside Recreational and try one of the three different RSO Serums from Ethos Innovates. The Serum is a whole plant extract that is already activated so you can add it any drink, or eat it straight out of the applicator. The flavor is not nearly as intense as juicing the raw marijuana leaves, but it will give you an idea of what the flavor of concentrated marijuana tastes like.


Juicing is becoming very popular, and you can find a variety of different recipes on websites like Pinterest. Adding marijuana juice to your morning smoothies and other juice recipes is really easy and can add a unique flavor to your drink. Like your mother always said, eat all your green leafy veggies and don’t forget to add the dope!

Photo by Danielle Halle

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