Greenside Recreational Gets Lit for the Fourth of July

Here at Greenside Recreational, we sure know how to have fun. I mean come on, we’re a pot shop in Seattle — can you imagine a more exciting place to work?


Well, it’s not all work for us here. We decided to throw a BBQ to thank our staff for working so hard this year, and to celebrate America’s birthday, of course! So we’ve put together a short recap of the event, and wanted to share it— along with our favorite strains for getting lit like a firework.


Art Marble 21 seems like a strange name for a bar, but once we were inside and upstairs, things began to make some sense. We had the entire game room and bar area to ourselves, and our budtenders were able to let loose and let their hair down among friends. We even had a visitor from Europe join in on a game of pool.


Obviously, there was plenty of food and dessert to go around to satisfy those munchie-fueled appetites. Although we had a stunning second-story view of the fireworks, many guests migrated outside to enjoy the sunset well before the pyrotechnics began.


It seemed like hundreds of people were gathered around South Lake Union for the display. And while it’s still against the law to consume cannabis in public, the most discreet way to get high to watch fireworks would definitely be an edible beforehand.


Rather than risk a $27 smoking in public ticket, Greenside’s friendly budtenders recommended folks blaze a joint of Artizen’s Blue Dream from the legal environs of their home. Because what’s more patriotic than smoking America’s favorite strain? So if  you’re planning on hosting your own backyard BBQ? you might even want to pick up a 4-gram Sikar from Sitka. It’ll be a hit regardless of the occasion.


After 7/23, it will be fully legal to pass a joint, and these cannabis cigars by Sitka are a great way to impress your guests while also making sure everyone gets sufficiently stoned.

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