Hash Rosin: What Is It Where It Comes From, and Why It Matters

As the legalization of cannabis expands, so does the demand for quality products. One of such products is hash rosin—which is considered by many to be the purest form of cannabis. Rosin is a method of extraction that releases resin from cannabis in a variety of forms, like flower, dry sift kief, and of course hash. 

Rosin comes from high heat and immense pressure. The resulting product is known as solventless hash oil (SHO) using a rosin press. The hash oil is forced out of cannabis flower from the trichome heads. When done correctly, the full-melt hash is highly potent and very rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Perhaps the best part of making golden yellow rosin is that it only takes seconds.

Hash Rosin Hits the Market

For years, cannabis consumers made hash rosin at home. However, producing rosin at home is a difficult process and should be left up to professionals. Fortunately, technological advancements have meant that the rosin process is now more sophisticated. Using highly technical devices called rosin presses, commercial extraction labs can produce more products than ever before with highly favorable yields.

Rosin can reach up to 90% in THC potency, while most flower reaches 30% at the most. As policy reform continues and the cannabis industry expands constantly, so do concentrate products. Consumers are savvy and seek out the safest and cleanest products possible. With that in mind, not all concentrates are the same. 

What Sets Hash Rosin Apart

Rosin is often compared to butane hash oil (BHU), but the extraction process is vastly different. What sets hash rosin apart from solvent-based products is the fact that there is no solvent necessary. This is highly attractive to health-conscious cannabis consumers. Additionally, solvent-based concentrates can take up to a full day, while solventless rosin machines can produce products with high yield almost instantly. 

BHO is mainly viewed as a high-volume product, while solventless hash products are more artisanal, similar to small output craft breweries. Solventless rosin produces less product, but the result tends to be of higher quality. The reason for this is that high-quality starting material is crucial to produce good rosin. Because the butane solvent strips the flower of cannabinoids, it is possible to get away with using lower quality trim or flower. This is not the case when it comes to solventless rosin. 

Find a Dispensary You Can Trust

Many consumers incorrectly assume that solvent-based concentrates like BHO are the only source of shatter. Thankfully, there is another concentrate option and that is solventless hash rosin. Rosin can be made into other concentrates like wax and budder as well. You can get started with hash rosin and other great concentrates at your favorite Seattle dispensary.

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