The Keys to Combining Cannabis and Exercise

While some cannabis strains have a reputation for producing a “couchlock” effect, other strains are known for the bubbly energy they impart, which makes it possible (and fun) to combine cannabis and exercise. For those looking to get active with the aid of cannabis, here’s everything you need to know.

cannabis and exercise

Myths About Cannabis

Before discussing the subject of cannabis and exercise, let’s dispel certain myths about the plant that are often pervasive when influencing public behavior. For example, it is often said that cannabis is a contributor to lethargy and saps motivation, preventing individuals from engaging in strenuous activity.

Every person is different, and cannabis will affect them differently, but this perception makes several misguided assumptions that should be addressed. First, as mentioned earlier, it is true that some cannabis strains are known for their heavy “couch-lock” sensations that often prove conducive to long nights indoors watching movies in bed. These cannabis strains are likely to be indicas or indica-dominant hybrids, which promote deep-seated relaxation and assist with the treatment of conditions like insomnia.

Other strains, though, are reported to induce vigor and bring the mind into a happy, carefree state that is capable of lasting for hours. Each individual is recommended to try a variety of strains in order to get a sense of how different kinds of cannabis interacts with their body.

cannabis and exercise

Cannabis and Exercise: Getting Started

When using cannabis for exercise, there are some crucial things to keep in mind. First, the dose of cannabis you take is going to have a heavy impact in determining the intensity of the effects you experience. Prior to exercising, inexperienced cannabis consumers should especially heed caution in order to prevent themselves from becoming too high.

Low doses of cannabis, however, may be ideal for a wide range of people looking to mix cannabis and exercise. One quick hit from your bowl may be all you need in order to effectively reap uplifting rewards from the soothing influence of marijuana. Likewise, some edible products may serve as the perfect solution for metering out doses to a precise amount.

Water is always important to keep on hand during exercise, but with cannabis it can be doubly important to ensure you’re carrying an ice-cold bottle. Many individuals also like to exercise prior to eating a meal, which may intensify the effects of cannabis, as it tends to have more of an impact on those with an empty stomach. Eating a light snack like a granola bar before working out may help to curb any discomfort associated with strong cannabis.

cannabis and exercise

Strains for Exercise

As discussed, indica strains are considered the go-to for individuals seeking rest and relaxation. Their cannabis cousins, sativa strains, may be better suited to those looking to use cannabis for exercise. Sativas are primarily known for their invigorating quality, which lives the mind and creates the conditions for a day full of fun and adventurous energy. Sativas are also associated with the natural creativity they are said to invoke.

That means sativa strains will likely be the best selection for athletic individuals who want to add cannabis to their routine. Certain sativa-dominant hybrids will also do the job, although their effects can be truly unique.

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