Fruity Strains for Summer Fun

Summer is on its way, and that means it’s time to get acquainted with fruity strains that will make your days fun and bubbly. Between classics of cannabis and modern remixes, Greenside Rec has all of the flower products you need for a delightful summer sharing smoking experiences with friends or other cannabis enthusiasts. Here are some of the best, sweet-scented strains guaranteed to make memorable times during your next smoke session.

Fruity Strains: DJ Short Blueberry

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DJ Short Blueberry is an exceptionally renowned strain with origins in the deep history of cannabis, a variant of Blueberry that has graced West Coast dispensaries for decades. The strain was originally concocted by DJ Short, who lent his name to his creation and stands out for its delicious taste that is truly evocative of blueberries.

If you dig into the genetics of your favorite indica or hybrid, you may find that DJ Short Blueberry had a role in lending them their unique attributes, as over time this classic has been spliced with thousands of different strains. That’s why the original is still considered the best by many experienced cannabis consumers, marking itself as one of the best fruity strains out there.

Grape Dosi

You may have heard of Dosidos, a popular strain that has often garnered praise owing to a dessert-like flavor profile and THC-rich, frosty buds. Grape Dosi aims to take the phenomenal qualities of Dosidos and supercharge them with the fruity strain Grape Pie, resulting in a singular, stand-out experience.

With vibrant green buds and a robust earthy grape scent, Grape Dosi immediately pleases the senses upon opening a package of the strain. Likewise, Grape Dosi burns easily when smoked, allowing for a smooth session that isn’t hampered by poor airflow. Batches of Grape Dosi, like the strains of its lineage, can often include high quantities of THC, so it’s important to go slow and exercise patience during your encounter.

Berry Pie

An indica dominant hybrid, Berry Pie is a cross of two of the most beloved strains on the cannabis market. Mixing together the best aspects of Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream, which is itself a descent of the aforementioned Blueberry strain, Berry Pie is known to many cannabis consumers as a consistently rewarding purchase.

When smoked, it is often remarked that Berry Pie promotes intense relaxation, making it an ideal strain for bathing in the sun during summer. Similarly, Berry Pie may also instigate a general sensation of happiness that lasts for hours, which is why those who suffer from anxiety or depression often seek it out.

Apple Fritter

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With a silly and tantalizing name like Apple Fritter, you wouldn’t expect such potent effects from this powerful strain. However, Apple Fritter exceeds expectations for those seeking out strong cannabis, with batches testing at around 25% on average. That means low-tolerance cannabis consumers should especially dose slowly when smoking the strain.

As a hybrid, those who smoke Apple Fritter may notice the effects of both sativas and indicas intermingling to produce cannabis sensations that defy description. However, a light and airy mood is often associated with Apple Fritter, a quality that causes many to turn to the strain when in search of a pick-me-up for long nights alone at home.

You can find these strains and more on our Seattle dispensary menu. (Please note, these are really popular strains and they sell out fast! If they aren’t available any more, search for “berry,” “apple,” or “orange” to see what other fruity strains are in stock!)

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