Seattle’s Top Cannabis Products – May 2016

At Greenside, we’re looking forward to all Summer has to offer: camping, boating, festivals and more! How could it get any better? With cannabis, of course! Seattle’s top cannabis products this May include Dynamic Harvest, Sweet As! and Fireline flower.


Mays Top Products - Dynamic

Dynamic Harvest – Pitbull 80% Indica 20% Sativa 3.5g flower

Indoor grown and 100% natural, Dynamic Harvest strives to provide an experience in every puff of their skillfully grown flower. Pitbull is an Indica-dominant strain that hits you hard! Earthy like the forest floor with sweetness that creates a surprisingly pleasant harmony. Pitbull is perfect for those who want to unwind after a long commute home from work.

Mays Top Products - Sweet As

Sweet As! – Blue Boy 3.5g flower, DJ Shorts Flo 3.5g flower, Chocolate Kush 3.5g flower

Green Freedom Farms produces Sweet As! Handcrafted Cannabis Co, a delightfully diverse brand of sun-grown flower and concentrates. Their goal is to exceed expectations with every consumer. Blue Boy has lip-smacking flavor and a smooth intake. This strain is the lovechild of Blue Dream and Northern Lights #5. Veteran breeder DJ Short created DJ Short’s Flo. Sweet and musky hash mingles with clean mint. This hybrid is guaranteed to be appreciated by a seasoned stoner. Chocolate Kush is an Indica, but it is unknown what was paired with Mazar to achieve the floral notes associated with this heady kush.

Mays Top Products - Fireline

Fireline – Sour OG 3.5g flower, Ghost OG 3.5g flower, White Fire OG X Pearl Scout Cookies 3.5g flower

Expert cannabis breeders and growers joined forces to start Fireline Cannabis. They have maximised efficiency with progressive equipment and most of their strains were designed in-house. Sour OG is a magnificently plummy and pungent flower. This hybrid tastes somewhat tropical and is beyond potent. Two words for Ghost OG: couch lock. You’ll soon be clamoring back to Greenside to pick up another few grams of this super skunky strain. White Fire OG and Pearl Scout Cookies are Fireline’s two most popular strains, and the combination packs a punch of cannabinoid goodness. Herbal and spicy, try it before a long hike for an uplifting and aromatic boost.

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