Seattle’s Top Cannabis Products – July 2016

July always gives Seattleites so many events to look forward to!

Every year, the month kicks off with coastal fun and an incredible fireworks show during the SeaFair Summer Fourth at Gas Work Park. Next come the downtown outdoor concerts, art walks in nearly every neighborhood, and great seasonal activities like brewfests. Local music fans also always look forward to the rowdy Capitol Hill Block Party later in the month, which features contemporary artists like Crystal Castles and Odesza.

But whatever you’re planning on getting up to in Seattle this July, make pair it with one of Greenside Recreational’s top cannabis products.

seattles top cannabis products july greenside recreational seattles private reserve gorilla glue

Seattle’s Private Reserve – Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue’s euphoric and dreamy effects have made it a longtime favorite of many in the cannabis community. This strain carries heavy notes of pine and earth with a hint of musk, and the buds are bulky and trichome-encrusted from stem to tip. Gorilla Glue would be perfect for a long adventure movie or game night with the crew! Be sure to have a beverage close by, as Gorilla Glue is also known to cause an intense case of cottonmouth.

seattles top cannabis products july greenside recreational phat panda og chem

Phat Panda – OG Chem

Phat Panda’s packaging always kills it, and OG Chem’s label—which features magenta and indigo clouds merging against a pale yellow background—is one their most striking and minimal designs yet. This strain has an aroma of diesel and pine, and the current batch contains over 25% THC! From picnics, to pub crawls, to just plain grubbing, OG Chem is what every stoner should reach for when they’re on a mission to munch.

seattles top cannabis products july greenside recreational top shelf wa middle fork

Top Shelf WA- Middle Fork

There’s a moment when you open a fresh bag of cannabis nuggets; the smell penetrates the air and memories fly upon the inhalation of the unforgettable aroma. Middle Fork by Top Shelf is no exception to this experience, and like All of Top Shelf’s strains, it’s pungent and resin-coated. This sweet and citrusy offering is a two o’clock pick-me-up that’ll keep you calm, happy and focused. So if you’re heading by Greenside Recreational on a lunch break, stop in and grab this uplifting strain to upgrade your day!

seattles top cannabis products july greenside recreational 420 gold connie chung

420 Gold – Connie Chung

Seattle might not be called the City that Never Sleeps. But sometimes the title is appropriate, given how hard traffic noise, construction clamoring, and lively neighborhoods can make falling asleep. So if you’re looking to relax tonight, Connie Chung by 420 Gold would be an awesome choice. Connie is a heavy hitter with elevating and tingly effects. Parent strains LA Confidential and G13 Haze combine to make a match made in heaven for a chill night at home.

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