Cannabis Topicals: What Are They?

In the age of recreational legalization, there’s no shortage of fascinating products available on the cannabis market. One such category of products that has grown into an entire industry is cannabis topicals, which include balms, lotions, scented oils, and other soothing solutions to apply to the skin. These products claim amazing properties through the use of cannabis extracts, making them worthy of exploration for anyone in search of a truly relaxing experience.

What Are Cannabis Topicals?

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Cannabis topicals encompass a wide range of products that are intended to be applied to the skin, typically for the purpose of either relaxing localized areas of the body or relieving pain and discomfort. While many individuals have been producing their own homemade topicals for decades now, the advent of legalization across the United States has resulted in a market bursting with new companies and new products to try.

Those who seek out cannabis topicals may do so because they provide an alternative to existing topicals, which are often manufactured with the use of artificial compounds. By contrast, not only are cannabis topicals derived from substances found within the cannabis plant, they often are much more effective at delivering the results we often desire from topicals.

Different Types of Topicals

The world of cannabis topicals is broad, with a multitude of products that each have their own unique appeal to individuals with different preferences. For example, many cannabis balms are packaged utilizing convenient rollers that allow for application to specific regions that are experiencing pain. Meanwhile, cannabis lotions may be used as a substitute for typical lotions that help to soften and rejuvenate the skin.

Cannabis-based oils might be considered for days in the sun, as an alternative to coconut oil or other tanning oils. In principle, any average topical product that can be found at convenience stores likely has a cannabis topical equivalent, so there’s no shortage of wonderful brands to explore.

How to Use Them

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Using cannabis topicals is exceptionally simple. Remember, these products are applied to the skin, not ingested, so you won’t experience the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis consumables. Every product will likely come packaged with its own set of instructions, so be sure to look for those to get an exact description of how your product should be enjoyed.

When using cannabis topicals for pain relief, simply apply the topical to any region of the body that is experiencing inflammation. After allowing it to settle in the skin for a short period of time, you should find that your aches simply melt away.

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