5 Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

When you begin to experiment with cooking or baking cannabis, you’ll likely want to keep on rolling. Once you understand some important fundamentals, it’s easy to learn along the way—recipe by recipe. If you’re a newbie to baking with weed, you’re in store for a treat today.

Our 5 Best Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

In this guide, we want to show you all things sensational about cannabis-infused food. We’ll also touch on some fall-focused cannabis recipes to get you in the spirit of the season. Okay, let’s dive into a different kind of cooking flower.

cooking with cannabis

1. Choose the Right Cannabis Cooking Flower Strain

Of course, before you can start cooking with cannabis, you need to know which cannabis you’ll be cooking. There are certainly some ideal strains for the job.

If you’re trying to make cannabis-infused food, we recommend leading by smell. Let your nose lead you to the cannabis strain aroma that’s most pleasing to you. From bright fruity flavors to earthy herb strains, there are so many wonderful flavors to explore! You’ll appreciate that you took the time to find an aroma you enjoy when you smell your choice during the baking process!

2. Decarb Before You Start Baking with Weed

Always, always, always decarboxylate (commonly called decarb) your bud before you start baking! Baking with weed before you’ve decarbed it will be a flop. It’s also the number one rookie mistake. 

Why? Well, decarbing is what activates the cannabinoids in the cooking flower. Heat is what activates cannabis’ effects, which is why we set fire to bud to smoke it. If you’re looking for a cannabis cooking method to try first, we like to make cannabutter. No matter what route you choose, your bud must be assuredly decarbed before you continue.

Cannabis Recipe

3. Find Your Favorite Cannabis Recipes

Next, you’ll get to do some exploring. Whether you’re looking to create a simple treat or a dazzling Danksgiving feast, there are so many cannabis recipes to choose from! Once you start baking with weed, you’ll start discovering all the options for getting creative with recipes by adding marijuana.

To find cannabis recipes that resonate most with you, start with a general flavor. Do you prefer sweet, savory, salty, spicy, sour, or some sort of combination? This is a perfect way to start narrowing in on what makes cooking with cannabis sound even more appetizing.

You might also be thinking of the more classic weed recipes—such as some good, old-fashioned brownies. Chocolate is a great way to disguise the “green” taste that comes from edibles. While not all edibles will have the strong weed taste, it’s a strong flavor profile so you won’t be able to cover it up completely. And, when the right strain is paired with a recipe you won’t want to cover that flavor enhancement, anyway!

4. Choose Your Ingredients

Now that you’re brainstorming cannabis recipes, it’s time to pick which ingredients would go best with the dish. Just make sure you follow edible dosing guidelines.

Above all, trust your palate. You know what tastes good to you. Over time, you’ll learn which strains pair best with which flavors, and vice versa.

Choclate chip cannabis

5. Get to Baking

It’s time to get baking with weed! It’s reasonable to adjust a standard recipe or look for a cannabis-specific recipe. Or, maybe your first batch is already in the oven by now. Regardless, you’re on the home stretch! All that’s left once you’re finished cooking is to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Remember that edibles take longer to kick in (up to a few hours), so start small with your portion size and give yourself 3 hours before deciding whether you want a bit more.

Cannabis-infused food is a fun art to practice and eventually master, and is a talent that friends will be sure to thank you for crafting. We hope this guide helps give you an idea of just how easy it is to get started cooking with cannabis! 

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