Take Your Sex Life to Another Level: Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

Cannabis seems to make most everything better. From watching a movie to enjoying the outdoors, taking a few tokes can amplify nearly any experience. But what about cannabis and sex? Do different cannabis strains affect our sex drive or performance? If so, how? And what are some of the best strains for sex?

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If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone. However, the answer is a little more complex than you may imagine. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at cannabis and sex in this post.

Cannabis and Sex: Some Background

News flash: Sex often works in significantly different ways for men and women. As a result, the effects of cannabis on factors like arousal, pleasure, and comfort can vary significantly from person to person. You can’t simply make broad generalizations, like determining whether to use indica or sativa for arousal. Below, we’ll cover some different ways that cannabis can affect sex, sex drive, and enjoyment.

Cannabis, Sex, and Women

Research into cannabis’ relationship with womens’ sex drive has been more conclusive than research on cannabis and mens’ sex drives. One study of nearly 350 women conducted between 2016 and 2017 showed that women who used cannabis before sex were more than two times more likely to report improved sexual sensation than non-cannabis users.

Women in the study reported that cannabis helped increase their libido, enhance their orgasms, and reduce pain from sex. There was one key shortfall, though. Women in the study also reported that marijuana had no effect on lubrication. Researchers kept patients’ reports confidential to encourage honesty and openness in their answers.

Medical Cannabis Effects

Cannabis, Sex, and Men

Studies suggest men are a little more divided when it comes to cannabis and sex. One recent study attempted to analyze data from 216 men about how cannabis affected their sex drives.

Participants shared mixed results. Some reported that marijuana helped enhance their sexual experience by eliminating performance anxiety. In addition, more than 70 percent of participants reported that marijuana enhanced their sensitivity to touch.

But that’s not the whole story. Some men also reported that cannabis made them sleepy and less focused on their sexual experiences. And about 12 percent of the male participants reported that they couldn’t reach orgasm at all after using cannabis.

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex: Try These

So, we’ve shown that cannabis can play a role during sex. But does the specific cannabis strain itself actually matter? And if so, what’s the best weed for sex?

Instead of making blanket recommendations about choosing indica or sativa for arousal, it may be better to look at some specifics.

Reducing Anxiety and Getting in the Mood

Current research shows that marijuana may help reduce anxiety. Indicas such as Bubba Kush and other members of the Kush family demonstrate decidedly indica genetics. This may help these strains relieve anxiety, and the resulting lower stress levels might help men and women alike get in the mood for sex.

Kush Strain

Increasing Arousal

Some researchers believe that the answer to cannabis’ role in increasing arousal may lie in a strain’s terpene profile. Studies suggest that strains with the terpene called limonene might be where to look. Boasting a fresh citrus taste, this upbeat terpene may impact euphoric effects and can be found in pungent strains such as Super Lemon Smac.

Trying Something New

Some cannabis users have reported that marijuana can help them try new things by reducing anxiety. Some strains that may be able to boost confidence in trying something new include Granddaddy Purple, Trainwreck, Northern Lights, and other strains from those genetic lines.

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