Danksgiving Recipes to Infuse Any Feast

November is here, and with it comes the beginning of the holiday season. With recreational legalization making it easier than ever to acquire quality cannabis products, the opportunities for a “Danksgiving” feast are now endless, as consumers are now free to apply a wide variety of strains to their infused meals. Greenside Rec has you covered for all of your edible recipe needs, offering high-quality cannabis flower that matches perfectly with a full assortment of Danksgiving dishes.

Before digging into any of the edible recipes featured below, always remember to use caution and good judgment when dosing. THC tolerance can vary from person to person, but patience is always recommended in between servings of infused food and drink to avoid an uncomfortable cannabis high.

Cook Up a Danksgiving Feast with These Recipes

Hashish Honey Butter

Danksgiving Recipes 1

For many recipes, the first step to crafting edibles lies with making THC-rich butter or oil. This hashish honey butter puts a sweet twist on typical canna-butter, making for a versatile infusion agent. Hashish honey butter can be applied to a range of foods to deepen their psychoactive effects, along with adding savory-sweet flavor.

Glazing your turkey with hashish honey butter before putting it in the oven may serve as an exceedingly simple way to create an edible main course. Likewise, adding your honey canna-butter to mashed potatoes or biscuits is a means of quickly producing infused appetizers that will sate your guests’ appetite for the food to be served.

Infused Stuffing

Danksgiving Recipes 2

What is a Danksgiving turkey without infused stuffing? While turkey glazed with hashish butter can be appetizing, edible stuffing is an easy, indirect method of lending the joy of cannabis to the centerpiece of your festivities. The recipe calls for the use of canna-butter, but also cannabis buds themselves, which promises to add a unique flavor sensation to your meal.

Roasted Garlic and Mary Jane Potatoes

Danksgiving Recipes 3

One of the most common items to be found at any Thanksgiving get-together is the humble bowl of mashed potatoes, and a Danksgiving gathering should be no different. The roasted garlic mashed potatoes found in this recipe are given a kick of cannabis that should prove conducive to the enjoyment of other food on the table.

This recipe also acts as a helpful example of how to adjust infused foods to your preference. While canna-butter is recommended to be employed in crafting your mashed potatoes, regular butter can help dilute the power-packed by your edible dish.


Danksgiving Recipes 4

Those in search of a light cannabis addition to their Danksgiving feast might consider the use of edible gravy to liven up their plate. Canna-butter or infused coconut oil can both be applied here, along with a combination of ingredients that amount to a mouth-watering gravy that isn’t overpowered by the taste of cannabis. Vegetarians or vegans will also find that this recipe is easy to substitute with a vegetable stock of your choosing.

Pot Pumpkin Pie

Danksgiving Recipes 5

For dessert, Pot Pumpkin Pie satisfies in more ways than one, producing a happy cannabis high in the form of a hearty and sweet Thanksgiving classic. Like many of the recipes on this list, canna-butter is called for, and hashish honey butter might be an inspired substitution if you have a batch leftover from previous recipes.

The high imparted by your edible pumpkin pie is ideal for capping off a memorable gathering and ensures that any post-meal movies or games will be enjoyed to the utmost by those in attendance. In addition, the long food-induced sleep that typically ensues after Thanksgiving will be experienced twofold with a comfortable body buzz.

Hibiscus Cannabis Tea

Danksgiving Recipes 6

Cannabis beverages are typically not as strong as other edibles, but that can be a boon for those in search of solutions for low-tolerance Danksgiving attendees. Indeed, some time after drinking infused hibiscus tea, a light and uplifting high begins to wash over the body. The effects of sativa strains in particular can make for a pleasant combination with this airy cannabis beverage, but many strains will also serve as a capable complement.

Infusing cannabis hibiscus tea is as easy as mixing in a dose of tincture, which can be found at almost any dispensary. Certain cannabis oils may also be substituted, though tincture is usually recommended as the simplest and most intuitive means of infusing any beverage. Your batch of cannabis hibiscus tea is likely to last about a week when kept properly refrigerated.

If you’re ready to get baking, cooking, or infusing, check out our online dispensary menu to nab the flower, oil, or concentrates to make your Danksgiving recipes sing.

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