Vendor Spotlight: Dabstract

Dabstract is a cannabis brand specializing in the production of high-quality concentrates and extracts. Their award-winning extracts have been recognized for their purity, potency, and flavor. Find out what makes Dabstact extracts so good!

Deep Roots

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Source: High Times

Dabstract recently won the Best Vape Cartridge award at the 2019 High Times Seattle Cannabis Cup. But while they may be an award-winning extract brand now, their roots actually go much deeper!

The Dabstract team began producing their first cannabis extracts in 2000, long before legalization and the promise of profits. Instead, it was their love for the plant that led them to become pioneers in cannabis extraction.

This shared passion for cannabis led the Dabstract crew to explore cannabis extraction methods in search of new and unique cannabis products. Their passion, expertise, and love of cannabis helped them to fit right in with the West Coast cannabis renaissance of the 2000s.

Dabstract’s number one priority has always been producing great concentrates that people love. There’s no cutting corners for extra profits here. Instead, cannabis consumers and the cannabis experience are at the forefront of everything that Dabstract does and creates.

Their appreciation of the plant and of the cannabis experience is what drives Dabstract to commit an uncompromising dedication to their craft that is driven forward by a passion for innovation and a desire to remain on the cutting edge of cannabis culture.

A Commitment To Quality

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Dabstract labs specialize in producing additive-free cannabis extracts that are recognized for their exceptional quality. But extraction is really just the final step of the process. In reality, it all begins with the flower!

One of the reasons why Dabstract is able to produce such amazing concentrates with such consistency is the high quality of the cannabis flower that they work with. And since Dabstract specializes in single-strain extraction, flower quality is incredibly important to the final product.

Dabstract only works with farms that cultivate cannabis flower using clean and sustainable farming practices. Additionally, all of the flower that Dabstract works with is carefully screened and tested for pesticides and other unwanted chemicals.

An Obsession With Purity

While the enjoyment of their consumers is one of Dabstract’s top priorities, so is their health and safety.

Dabstract’s testing process doesn’t end with the flower they source. In order to ensure quality and purity, testing is performed at several points during the process.

Additionally, Dabstract takes care to ensure that its extracts contain as few residual solvents as possible. Washington state mandates that extracts contain no more than 5000 PPM (parts per million) of residual solvents. However, Dabstract works hard to consistently produce extracts that contain fewer than 500 PPM of residual solvents.

Furthermore, all of Dabstract’s vape cartridges are meticulously tested for pesticides, glycol, heavy metals, and other toxins. You can rest assured that Dabstract’s vape cartridges and PAX pods are free of unwanted chemicals and toxins both in their construction and in the vapor that they produce.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Dabstract’s concentrates are some of the purest and cleanest extracts on the market!

Dabstract also takes care to produce their extracts in a clean laboratory setting. All laboratory technicians are required to wear comprehensive PPE (personal protection equipment) including gloves, gowns, goggles, hairnets, and beard guards.

Dabtastic at Greenside Recreational

Looking to try out some of Dabstract’s award-winning concentrates? You’re in luck! Check out our online menu or swing by one of our storefronts to pick up some Dabtastic goodies today! Here’s just a couple of Dabstract products that you can find on our shelves right now.

Berry Blue Live Resin Cartridge

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Source: I Heart Jane

Berry Blue is a well-balanced hybrid that delivers a mix of indica and sativa effects. This strain produces a euphoric and clear-headed cerebral buzz alongside a heavy whole-body body high. Berry Blue’s balanced genetics make it great for both daytime and nighttime relaxation.

Live resin cartridges are usually more flavorful than other kinds of vape oils. That’s because the live resin extraction process does a better job of preserving more of the plant’s natural terpenes, resulting in more flavorful and aromatic vapor.

If you’re looking for a flavorful vape cartridge that is discreet, flavorful, and potent, look no further than Dabstract’s selection of live resin cartridges! And while you’re at it, make sure to try out their Sweet Inzanity live resin cartridge too!

Papaya Live Sugar

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Source: I Heart Jane

Papaya is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain that produces a strong and sedating whole-body buzz. This strain’s name comes from its sweet and spicy flavor that is reminiscent of tropical fruit such as the Papaya. Papaya is an excellent strain for those looking to experience physical and mental relaxation.

Live sugar is a unique concentrate that is a variation of live resin. Live sugar is produced by allowing the natural separation of THCA crystals from terpene ‘sauce’. The THCA crystalizes and pushes out the terpenes and other elements leaving behind a final product that is both potent and flavorful.

Keep an eye on our menu for more Dabstract concentrates coming soon!

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