Vendor Spotlight: 6 Phat Panda Products You Have to Try This Winter

We’ll be blunt: We love what we do! Getting to spend our days sourcing exceptional cannabis for you is a real treat, one that’s only topped by the (masked) face-to-face interactions with the customers and friends who put Greenside among the highest-rated dispensaries in town.

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our partners. Phat Panda is a Washington producer who consistently brings us some truly exceptional and head-spinning cannabis strains and products.

What’s more, we’re pretty sure we’ll get your mouth watering with a preview of 6 must-try Phat Panda products for winter 2020. So without more ado, we want to share a little bit of the Panda story.

Phat Panda: A Family Business that Embraces High-Tech Cannabis

phat panda 1

The brainchild of husband-and-wife team Robert and Katrina McKinley, the Panda operation began in 2014 with just a few employees. Since then, it’s grown from an original “15 Panda” team to a sprawling operation employing over 620 of the industrious bears to produce a dizzying array of strains, concentrates, and edibles.

Along the way, the company has balanced an appreciation for the ancient craft of cannabis stewardship—the very hands-on tasks like seeding, nurturing, and pruning their plants—with an embrace of the newest and most cutting-edge technology to the hard work of producing truly exceptional cannabis.

One key component is the company’s “Panda Portal.” It’s a proprietary seed-to-sale system that’s helped propel the company to the very top of the industry. The system tracks every stage in every plant’s life cycle, from tiny seedling all the way to the dispensary shelf. It’s a brain-boggling task, but it’s what strict cannabis regulations require for legal compliance.

As you might imagine, designing your own software platform is a heavy lift. But it’s one of the reasons we admire Phat Panda and their commitment to excelling in everything they do. As co-owner Robert McKinley points out:

“I think we’re one of the only companies in the country that does everything from the start to the finish. We make our own distillate, we make our own dabbable products, we make our own candies and edibles. Everything is made in-house.”

We think it shows in the quality of their products. Speaking of which, this season we’ve got a bumper crop of new Phat Panda products, ranging from exceptional flower to mind-boggling concentrates and beyond. Here are 6 of our favorites!

6 Phat Panda Products You HAVE to Try This Winter!

Original Glue Panda Pen

phat panda 2
Source: I Heart Jane

1 gram, $42

Billed as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the cannabis world, we’d be fools to disagree. And in a world of smoke-a-like clones, there’s really nothing else like it: A rich, floral, and gassy aroma, a mouth-filling skunky flavor, and best of all a big and all-enveloping high that pulls equally from its indica and sativa sides. This is one vape to be respected!

Nooner Platinum Line

phat panda 3
Source: Phat Panda Twitter

3.5 grams, $52

The crème de la crème of Phat Panda’s product offerings, the Platinum Line presents exceptionally curated flower. Nooner is often described as “extremely relaxing.” That means high levels of euphoria and a long, calm, and thrillingly chill ride.

Panda Pod Dutch Treat

phat panda 4
Source: Leafly


Phat Panda’s Pax-compatible pods are a flavorful blend of pure distillates spiced up with judicious terpenes. Dutch Treat is a favorite with the daytime-use contingent, offering fast-acting stress reduction coupled with a gentle uplifting euphoria. A classic sativa in a handy and convenient package!

1:1 Strawberry Kiwi Panda Candies

phat panda 7
Source: Weedmaps

10-pack, $27

Produced in-house under Phat Panda’s proprietary “Hot Sugar” line, these tart and yummy droplets dispense a balanced blend of 10mg each THC and CBD per candy. They’re exceptional for tamping down pain, anxiety and other nagging symptoms (or just giving yourself a mid-day treat every now and again). As with all edibles, be sure they’re kept far from youngsters’ reach!

Phat Panda Products: Ex Wife Preroll

Source: Leafly

1 gram, $7

Another unique hybrid, this one delivers a serious sit-down high that will leave you feeling delightfully chill and oh so relaxed. We love the rich, gassy earth aromas, paired with a long-lasting euphoria. Though not as well-known as Sour D, Harlequin, and other medicinals, we think Ex Wife should take its place amongst these great pain-killing strains. Aches and strains say “So long!” when this former spouse shows up….

Inzane in the Membrane Bong Buddies

phat panda 6
Source: Phat Panda Twitter

2 grams, $21

Calibrated for daytime smoking, this potent sativa-dominant hybrid is designed to get you moving and grooving! Think a positive and upbeat mood, perhaps some outdoor adventuring? But if you decide to stay at home, strap yourself in for some serious cerebral stimulation.

If you can’t tell, we love Phat Panda products! Make sure to check our deals page to see when you score their amazing products for a great price.

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