Vendor Spotlight: Phat Panda

With recreational legalization has come an onslaught of companies vying for the affections of the cannabis community. Though more companies operating in the market offers consumers more selections to choose from than ever before, the sheer saturation of products can be disorienting. This week, Greenside Rec shines a light on Phat Panda, a premium growing operation offering pure, potent cannabis that stands out among a crowded menu of flower.

About Phat Panda

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Established in 2014 by two entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the emerging cannabis market, Phat Panda has partnered with numerous brands in the Washington cannabis space to offer high-quality products to consumers at dispensaries across the state. Using cutting-edge technology, Phat Panda has carved out a reputation for excellence among Washington cannabis connoisseurs.

Beyond the state of Washington, Phat Panda seeks to expand its outlook to the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, and eventually even states like Ohio and West Virginia. With new, innovative strains being developed constantly, the brand aims to maintain a dominant position in the conversation surrounding the top cannabis producers in America.

In the future, Phat Panda also intends to offer the technology it employs in the production of its own products to the wider cannabis business network, developing a proprietary seed-to-sale software system that can be utilized by cannabis companies to keep their vital information safe and secure. They also offer the Panda Portal, a one-stop ordering hub for growers to use in connecting their inventory with product manufacturers.

There may be no better example of the rapid changes the cannabis industry is undergoing at this stage in the legalization process, as Phat Panda has grown rapidly in the four years since its founding to become a leader in their community. Their 30-member operation now includes over 450 employees, a stunning number that reflects the nearly 500% growth in the cannabis industry at large will experience between 2015 and 2021.

Signature Phat Panda Products

Phat Panda, through its signature brands like Grow Op Farms and PAX, provides the Washington cannabis market with a wide variety of clean and powerful cannabis products. Grow Op Farms is Phat Panda’s world-class line of designer strains, whereas PAX represents the breadth of Phat Panda’s concentrate creations.

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Source: Weedmaps

Alongside their inhalable brands, Phat Panda also partners with manufacturers to bring delicious, effective edibles to Washington dispensaries. Flav and Hot Sugar are their flagship offerings in this area, producing chocolates, sugar strips, and much more with high-quality cannabis.

Where to Find Phat Panda Products

Products made with Phat Panda cannabis can be found at dispensaries across the state of Washington—including your favorite Seattle dispensary and your favorite Des Moines dispensary.

phat panda at Greenside Rec

There is no better location for Phat Panda products than Greenside Rec. We stock a massive amount of cannabis items and accessories from the best brands across the state of Washington. At Greenside Rec, our staff is friendly and eager to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have about their purchase. To discover all of the Phat Panda products mentioned above and much more, check out our online menu!

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