Marine Science and Technology Center: Visit for Free!

While Seattle is renowned for its arts and culture scene, its appeal extends far beyond concerts and galleries. In conjunction with the creative talent that calls the city home, Seattle is also a major American research hub, attracting brilliant minds from across the country to work in fields from aerospace to computing.

For anyone in the Seattle area interested in science, the Marine Science and Technology Center is the perfect destination. Located just 16 miles from Seattle in the suburb of Des Moines, the Marine Science and Technology Center offers fun and informative attractions pertaining to a range of scientific subjects that can be enjoyed by residents of all ages. In addition, the Marine Science and Technology Center will be accessible for free on certain dates throughout the summer.

What Is the Marine Science and Technology Center?

The Marine Science and Technology Center, or MaST for short, serves as a crucial marine science resource for the Puget Sound region. The center hosts a range of activities that invite the community at large to participate and conducts critical research related to the South Puget Sound ecosystem.

MaST has been open in its current form since 2008, though in its inception, the facility was only intended as a teaching center serving the attached Highline College. Today, the Marine Science and Technology Center is open to everyone, and its main attraction is the large aquarium that is home to over 250 different species of marine animals.

MaST Attractions

The famous aquarium at the Marine Science and Technology Center is perhaps the most common reason people visit, and with good reason. Besides a sprawling array of fish species, the aquarium houses two different octopus tanks, as well as jellyfish tanks and a tank that invites visitors to actually touch the marine animals.

MaST octopus

On the second Saturday of every month, former US Coast Guard technician Randy Williams hosts a scuba tour of the Puget Sound, allowing any and all to see the wonders that lie beneath the ocean surface. This scuba tour is live-streamed onto a screen in the aquarium, allowing the public a unique view of the exotic underwater biome of Washington’s coast.

Free MaST Admission

While the Marine Science and Technology Center is open for free on Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM year round, this summer, MaST will also be opening its doors to the general public on Thursdays from 4 to 7 PM.

MaST Starfish

That means every Thursday and Saturday, anyone can visit MaST free of charge to experience firsthand the nearly 2,000 gallons of water that the animals living at the facility call home. In the Seattle area, there are few better options for witnessing the magic and beauty of the ocean firsthand than what MaST offers.

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