Romantic Cannabis: Seattle Valentine’s Edible Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is on the way, which means it’s the season for giving gifts like chocolate and flowers to those beloved people in our lives. Chocolates on their own can be impressive, however, it is the age of legalization, and Valentine’s edible treats might serve as an even more exciting option for those looking to satisfy their cannabis consuming significant other.

Our menu contains some of the best Valentine’s edibles to ensure your sweetheart is well treated this holiday. From mouth-watering chocolate bars to potent, fruity gummy chews, Greenside Rec offers everything needed for a fabulous date night in Seattle.

Valentines edibles

Best Seattle Valentine’s Edibles for Your Sweetheart

Ceres Indica Macadamia Nut Balls

As a gourmet manufacturer of edibles, Ceres takes care that their products possess as little of the overbearing cannabis flavor that often permeates infused candies. To that end, these indica-powered macadamia nuts covered in chocolate are one of the finer edible experiences one can purchase from dispensaries, with scrumptious flavor that keeps consumers coming back for more.

Each ball comes as a single serving, making them suited for dosing. With a THC content of 10 mg, the edibles are ideal for inexperienced cannabis consumers or simply anyone in search of a less intense high. Caution should still be heeded before digging in for a second or third serving, though.

CBD 40:1 Peach Doozies

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD for short, has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years, becoming an industry unto itself within the world of cannabis products. Whereas THC has a reputation for imparting a robust psychoactive high, CBD is adept at instilling the qualities of cannabis that are centered around relaxation and pain relief.

With Peach Doozies, the impact of CBD is infused into bite-sized peach snacks designed for portable consumption. At a ratio of 40 to 1, the CBD content of these unique treats is heavy, though there is a small quantity of THC included to round out their effects. The delightful peach flavor present in each Doozy makes them some of the best Valentine’s edibles to purchase for your partner.

Goodies Hard Caramels

Taking a decidedly different approach from the previous “mild” edibles, Goodies offers powerful products that aim to last for hours. Every 10-pack of Goodies Hard Caramels has 100 mg total THC, so individuals can adjust their dosage to their preference. Experienced cannabis users may be comfortable eating half the pack over a few hours, while those who are newer to cannabis will be satisfied with a single dose.

Swifts Cookies & Cream Truffles

Valentines edibles

Edible manufacturer Swifts offers the perfect infused sweets for Valentine’s Day, with Cookies and Cream Truffles that delight with every bite. Those who encounter these Swifts’ creations will be immediately captivated by their charming appearance, taking the form of tiny vanilla drops that taste as good as they look.

Like the Goodies Caramels, Cookies and Cream Truffle Swifts are jam-packed with THC. Every pack contains 100 mg divided between 10 truffles, capable of fueling multiple days worth of edible adventures. While these may be some of the best Valentine’s edibles for potent experiences, however, it is still recommended to go slow and exercise patience when dosing with your Cookies and Cream Truffles. More edibles can always be eaten, but an uncomfortable cannabis high can be unpleasant to shake off.

At Greenside Rec, we offer all of the edibles featured above and much more, sourced from only the best local cannabis growers and manufacturers. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff available to answer questions or concerns about your purchase, your order is always well suited to your specific needs. Give your sweetheart simply the best. Shop our Seattle dispensary menu now.

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