Staying Safe, Staying Sane: What’s On Your Winter Bucket List?

Though we’ve endured nearly a year of COVID-19, the inconvenient truth is that we’re not out of the woods yet. But we humans are nothing if not resourceful, and we recognize that variety—not to mention safe, socially distant companionship—is the spice of life.

With that in mind, the staff at Greenside Recreational have compiled a list of favorite winter activities to keep you entertained and stimulated this season. Try one, or try them all! And if you need a different kind of stimulation, well, we’ve got you covered there as well!

Greenside Recreational’s Favorite Outdoor Winter Activities

Here in Washington State, we’re grateful for the brisk chill of wintertime. And as any good Pacific Northwester knows, this season will probably bring its fair share of rain as well. Bundle up and invite some friends for a safe and socially distant activity such as:

winter activities 1

  • Go For a Winter Hike: We’ve written before about the great parks and wild spaces near our dispensary; now’s the time to visit them! Be sure to bring warm and weatherproof clothing. It’s also a great opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the joys of a Thermos filled with hot cocoa!….
  • Try Ice Skating: Even if there’s no snow on the ground, you can still enjoy one of the signature icy pleasures of winter. The SeaTac area is dotted with numerous ice skating rinks. As always, just be sure to practice proper precautions like mask wearing and regular hand washing.
  • Sledding and Tubing: Trust us, they’re not just for kids! There’s just nothing like jumping on a flimsy sheet of plastic and barreling downhill at breakneck speed. Here’s a helpful article on some great Seattle-area sledding and tubing opportunities.

Greenside Recreational’s Favorite Indoor Winter Activities

Sometimes, it’s just too rainy and wet to get outdoors. In that case, why not indulge in a taste of the season or an indoor craft? Some of our favorites include:

winter activities 2

  • Get Warm with the Tastes of Winter: From hot toddies and mulled wine to hearty soups and fondue—yes, really—a seasonal end-of-the-day treat can really turn that frown upside down. But as far as we’re concerned, Winter starts and ends with cocoa. Make it traditional with marshmallows or whipped cream, or spice it up with a very non-traditional recipe….
  • Sourdough, not Sour D: If nothing else, 2020 was the year of home baking (we’re talking about bread here, not a different kind of baking!). Nothing warms up your home or apartment like the aroma of fresh-baked bread. And if you jump on the sourdough wagon—which by all means you should—here are some ideas of yummy treats to make that aren’t bread!
  • Put Those Hands to Work!: Knitting, needlework, and other handmade crafts are a time-honored way to unwind at the end of the day. What’s more, you’ll end up with something beautiful and usable. Or, perhaps, something not so beautiful.
  • Make a DIY Backyard Bird Feeder: The Puget Sound region is a hotbed of avian activity, and all those feathered friends deserve a wintertime snack too! Here’s a simple DIY bird feeder project you can make and hang outside your window for a captivating wildlife show. Plus, it’ll drive your cat absolutely bonkers.
  • Plan a Virtual Game Night: While we admit it’s not quite the same as an in-person hang, we’re willing to bet you’ll be surprised by how much fun a virtual session with loved ones can be. Need some inspiration? All you need to do is ask!
  • Unwind with a Bath: Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones. At the end of yet another pandemic day, what you really need might be a hot and relaxing bath. We’ve got some ideas to get you started.

Of course, a pandemic is more bearable with a healthy stash. Make sure you’re fully stocked—shop our Des Moines dispensary menu now.

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