Online Yoga Classes to Help Tackle New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year having arrived, it’s time to set about on all of those resolutions. For many, keeping active is a top priority in 2021, and the internet provides a wide variety of unique means of staying in shape for the year to come.

One excellent means of exercise in the internet age is the advent of online yoga. In recent years a plethora of online yoga studios have sprouted up across the internet, servicing any and all who are interested in becoming acquainted with professional quality yoga instruction from the comfort of their home. We’ve selected a few well-known and reputable sources of online yoga to assist with staying true to this year’s resolutions.

Online Yoga Classes to Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

Online Yoga

Glo Yoga

Glo Yoga is a subscription-based online yoga service that takes the standard practice of yoga instruction and customizes it to each individual user’s needs and preferences. From the outset, participants in Glo Yoga have their experience tailored to them, allowing them to become acquainted with the most personally relevant styles and videos possible.

Furthermore, Glo Yoga subscribers can access the service’s content through multiple methods, with streaming capabilities for televisions, tablets, and even smartphones. Glo Yoga membership, available either through their website or through their app, provides access to their massive library of content.

Online Yoga

Alo Moves

Similar to Glo Yoga, Alo Moves also offers a considerable selection of online yoga routines and videos to suit any individual. Every video is scored with a difficulty rating, making it exceptionally easy for those who participate in Alo Moves to adjust their routine to their personalized skill set and level of comfort.

Alo Moves is also packed with a range of instructors who each bring their own methods and style of teaching to the service. Featuring dozens of yoga teachers to choose from, subscribers to Alo Moves will find themselves with a world of insightful and engaging material at their fingertips.

Online Yoga

Modo Yoga

Though typically serving as an indoor service, Modo Yoga now offers many of its signature classes through live streaming. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays various Modo teachers seek to translate the Modo experience into an online setting, with professional-grade instruction that can seldom be found at other studios.

Beyond their live stream classes, Modo also offers a standard library of videos to supplement your experience with the service. For those in search of a well-rounded online yoga platform, Modo will satisfy the expectations of almost anyone.

30 Days of Yoga to a New You

online yoga

As an Amazon Prime-based online yoga instruction program, 30 Days of Yoga to a New You is somewhat more limited than its competitors which offer full-service, specialized platforms to their base of customers. Instead, individuals may find that the streamlined approach of the program simplifies the endeavor of getting into shape, providing a path that aims to develop sustainable practices in those who travel it to fruition.

Following instructor Jess Timsit, 30 Days of Yoga to a New You is a winding journey culminating with a routine that synthesizes the breadth of yoga skill acquired through regular engagement with the series. Those who make it to the end, however, will find themselves proud of what they have accomplished, and perhaps better equipped to tackle the more challenging programs offered by other online yoga services.

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