Got the Pandemic Blues? Here’s Our Favorite Virtual Activities for Adults

Let’s face it: This pandemic stuff has gotten pretty old. Depending on your living situation, you may be feeling a) lonely b) crowded c) exhausted or d) all of the above.

While we hold out hope that as vaccine rollout continues, we’re entering the home stretch, it’s safe to say that we’re going to be mostly indoors and isolated through the Winter and Spring. So with that in mind, we’ve collected our top list of things to do online, alone or with friends. From virtual travel experiences to game nights to workouts and more, this is the time to take advantage of some online offerings. They’ll keep you entertained and curious; maybe they’ll even open your mind to some new possibilities! Of course, there’s another mind-opening possibility we’re big fans of as well….

Favorite Things to Do Online: Physical Activities

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Staying fit can be a challenge in the best of times. Now, with masks and social distancing a must, many of us are finding it harder than ever. So you may be surprised to learn that a great many of us have been delighted by virtual workout offerings. From yoga to barre and beyond, here are some top options for getting—and staying—in shape.

Zoom Workouts: Spanning everything from basic get-in-shape programs to kickboxing, spin classes and more, there’s no end of virtual options. For suggestions, we turned to respected tech advisor CNET for a few of the very best.

Prerecorded Yoga Classes: We’ve written before about the joys of yoga (and its affinity for our favorite plant). While there are on end of free classes on platforms such as YouTube, now’s a great time to get focused and subscribe to a dedicated platform such as Alo Moves, Glo or Modo Yoga.

Favorite Things to Do Online: Virtual Experiences

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Though actual travel might be off the menu, there’s no excuse not to indulge in a little inner visioning! Thanks to the rise of VR, you can visit some of the world’s greatest cultural and natural attractions, go on a wildlife safari, or even dive beneath the waves! For suggestions, we went to the experts at Boat International; here’s their first-rate collection of virtual experiences to enjoy from the safety of your own living room.

Then there’s the world of cooking. As last year’s bread-baking craze demonstrated, there’s nothing like the promise of great food to help feed our bodies and our souls. Some of the best-reviewed online classes include:

Masterclass: An online portal featuring classes led by top-of-game experts such as Gordon Ramsey, Alice Waters and Thomas Keller.

Rouxbe: Self-described as the world’s leading online culinary school, it offers classes for all experience levels.

Kitchn Cooking School: We love this platform for its step-by-step approach. You’ll begin with basic knife skills and end up with serious chops by the end.

Favorite Things to Do Online: Get Arty!

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Let’s leave on a high note (ahem). For many of us, this pandemic year hasn’t been a total wash. It’s been a great time to get back in touch with our creative sides through online art tutorials. There’s a bunch to choose from; here are two of our personal favorites:

Official Bob Ross “Joy of Painting” YouTube Channel

Even if you missed the original run of the PBS program “The Joy of Painting,” there’s a good chance you caught its second act as a modern-day viral sensation. Hosted by the soft-spoken Bob Ross, it’s a meditation on patience, nature, and the quiet pleasure of painting lots and lots of trees.

iPad Procreate Portrait Tutorial for Beginners

Are you handier with a screen than a canvas? Powerful image-manipulation apps like Procreate can turn your iPad into something like a very fancy Etch A Sketch. Instructor Haze Long—who, incredibly, isn’t yet the name of a cannabis strain—guides you through an impressive range of techniques and effects. It’s a great way to use the tools at hand to create something fun and memorable!

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