Concentrated Cannabis: How To Do Dabs

Dabbing concentrates is a great way to enjoy the potent effects and tasty flavors of cannabis. But if you’re new to cannabis even the sight of a dab rig can be enough to confuse you. Dabs can actually be a fantastic way to enjoy cannabis. Don’t miss out, keep reading to learn more about dabs and how to dab!

What Are Dabs?

How to Dab 2

Dabs are hits of potent cannabis concentrates. The name comes from the fact that you usually only need a small dab of concentrated extract in order to feel its effects.

Why even bother with dabs?

Dabs of concentrated cannabis extracts are super potent and super tasty. Dabs are hard-hitting and will have you flying high in no time. Because of their potency, doing just one dab is basically the same as taking 3 or 4 puffs of high-quality cannabis flower.

Dabs are also super flavorful. Extracts don’t just possess large amounts of concentrated cannabinoids, they are also packed with flavorful terpenes. Many people have come to prefer the intense flavor of a dab over the taste of a joint or a bowl.

How To Dab

There are several different ways to enjoy dabs.


Although most people prefer to vape dabs, they can also be smoked. Smoking dabs can be difficult since wax-based concentrates melt into liquid form when exposed to heat, and other concentrates are already liquid inconsistency.

The best way to smoke dabs is to simply add a dab on top of the green in your bowl or inside of your joint. This can sometimes be a messy process so it’s usually easier to smoke concentrates that are more solid in consistency and easier to handle like crumble or shatter.


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Vaping dabs is usually preferred because vaped dabs tend to be more flavorful than smoke. Vaporization preserves more of the terpenes contained in the extract. When terpenes are exposed to the open flame of a lighter, some of them are destroyed, making each puff less flavorful than if it was vaped. Moreover, vaporizers tend to produce cleaner, smoother hits that can really allow you to enjoy their flavors, especially at lower temperatures.

If your vaporizer is designed to vape concentrates and extracts, then just use your dab tool to load it up and dab away. But if your vaporizer can only handle dry herb, trying to dab with it could result in damage to the unit.

Wax pens are vaporizers specially-made just for dabbing wax-based concentrates. These pens are perfect for on-the-go dabbing due to their small size and to how quickly and conveniently they produce vapor. Simply load up your wax pen, press the button, and inhale your dab!

How To Dab From A Dab Rig

A dab rig is a glass water pipe that works similarly to a bong. Except instead of a bowl for your green, a dab rig has a nail (also known as a banger) for your dabs. To do dabs out of a dab rig, you’ll need the right equipment. You will need a dab tool (to scoop your dab), a carb cap (to cover your hit), a butane torch (to heat your nail), and maybe a small silicon mat to prevent any mess or spillage.

Here’s how to dab out of a dab rig step-by-step:

  • Use your butane torch to heat up your nail/banger for anywhere from 30–60 seconds or until it is red hot.
  • Let the nail cool down before dabbing. How long you let it cool will depend on what material it is made from. Glass nails can require as long as 45 seconds of cooling time whereas a titanium nail will usually only require as little as 10 seconds. The less you wait, the hotter your dab will be!
  • Grab your dab tool and use it to apply your dab directly to the hot nail.
  • Inhale slowly and use the carb cap to manage airflow.
  • Exhale!

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