Live Resin: Everything You Need To Know

Keeping track of cannabis concentrates can get pretty confusing. Live resin is one of the new kids on the block but it’s quickly turning heads thanks to its flavor and potency.

Just how tasty is it? Well, it’s actually called live resin because it smells just like a fresh, living cannabis plant. If you’re looking for a potent concentrate that is packed with natural cannabis flavor, look no further.

How Is Live Resin Made?

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Live resin is made by flash freezing fresh plant matter right after harvest. Plant matter that is intended to be used for this concentrate skips the drying and curing process altogether. Instead, it is frozen within minutes of being harvested in order to keep it as fresh and natural as possible. As a result, it is much more flavorful and reminiscent of marijuana’s natural flavors when compared to other concentrates.

The plant matter is frozen by being dipped into an insulated cylinder filled with liquid nitrogen, or by being placed into a cooler with dry ice on the bottom. Ideally, it is frozen at a temperature of around -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

After being unfrozen, live resin is typically squeezed out of the plant using a BHO (butane) extraction process. However, it can also be produced using a CO2 extraction process and sometimes using ethanol. The plant material used for this extraction is usually buds and sugar leaves, with stems and large fan leaves typically being left out due to their lack of cannabinoids and terpenes. After extraction, the resin is purged of impurities by using a vacuum oven set to a low temperature.

What Makes Live Resin So Special?

When compared to other concentrates, live resin has a superior flavor profile.

The curing process is crucial to drying the plant out and getting it ready to be smoked or vaped. But this process also results in the loss of up to 60% of the plant’s natural terpenes. By skipping the curing process and flash-freezing plant material right after harvest, these tasty terpenes can be preserved.

Different Forms, Different Flavors

One of the most fascinating things about this popular concentrate is that one extract can look, feel, and taste so different from another. These extracts can be found in a variety of forms and colors, depending on the source strain and the exact extraction process used. Because it contains so many terpenes, it tends to have more a sappy and liquid-like texture. Some of the most common forms include sugar, sap, budder, badder, and sauce.

How Is It Different From Other Vape Carts?

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When compared to traditional CO2 and distillate vape cartridges, live resin is simply much more flavorful. Its cartridges contain more terpenes and natural plant flavors than other vape carts. CO2 and distillate have the advantage of not relying on hydrocarbons such as butane for extraction. However, purity is rarely a concern with live resin, even if it is extracted with a BHO process. If flavor is a priority, this concentrate is for you.

Some of Our Favorite Products

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