Dabs, Waxes and Beyond: Best Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners

Since first hitting the scene in the late ‘90s, cannabis concentrates have become the hottest and most exciting thing in the marijuana world. But if they sound complicated or intimidating—something for “experts only”—they shouldn’t. We humans have actually been making cannabis concentrates

for centuries (think of those old standbys hashish and kief). At their heart, they’re simply a way to focus the incredible flavors and effects of premium cannabis into an intense, potent and shelf-stable form.

If you’re not ready to invest in a custom-made dabbing rig yet, no worries! Take a moment to learn about a few of our favorite cannabis concentrates, and then give yourself the opportunity to try one for yourself. You may find yourself joining the throng of happy cannabis fans who swear by them!

Cannabis Concentrates: A Quantum Leap in Flavor and Potency

As we said earlier, in concept at least, cannabis concentrates are nothing new. Because raw cannabis flower is bulky, it made sense early on that growers would want a way to extract maximum potency and flavor into the minimum bulk. That’s how we get hash, a dense brick-like product made by removing and concentrating the sticky trichomes that coat the cannabis flower.

But with the advent of modern extraction technology, cannabis concentrates have made a quantum leap in potency and purity. Here are a few types to get you started!

Blueberry Blast by Regulator Xtracts

Cannabis Concentrates 1
Source: I Heart Jane

Brace yourself for an intensely euphoric head high that will instantly brighten your mood! A type of cannabis concentrate known as “wax,” these can range in consistency from soft and gooey to hard, chalky and crumbly. While you can enjoy them through a purpose-made dab rig (ask us about those), they can also be sprinkled on top of a standard bowl or crumbled into a joint. Remember: Like all concentrates, waxes are extremely potent. Especially when you’re first starting out: Start low, go slow!

Grape Pie Dry Sift Rosin by Royal Tree

Cannabis Concentrates 3

Many fans describe this hybrid as “effortless”: Pain and anxiety drop away, leaving you with a clean clarity you can cruise on for hours. In terms of consistency, rosins tend to be dense and sticky, which makes sense: They’re produced by mechanically squeezing cannabis flower to make a thick, dense and incredibly flavorful product. Again, you can enjoy rosin in a dabbing rig, sprinkled into a bowl or joint, or even made into an edible! Remember they’re quite potent—often boasting THC levels around 80%—and be sure to savor the unique and delicate flavors of all those pure terpenes!

Champagne Live Resin by Especial

Cannabis Concentrates 2

Though it derives from the potent indica Kush, Champagne (the strain, not the beverage) is known for a light and tingly body high coupled with a warming, mood-elevating euphoria. It’s well-loved for helping tame anxiety, stress, and depression, too!

This particular example is a live resin, arguably the most flavorful and intriguing of all cannabis concentrates. Made from flower that’s been flash-frozen at harvest, live resins preserve the maximum amount of delicate terpene flavors, including many that are lost even in the normal curing process. The result is a surprisingly intense and flavorful experience, almost as though you’re tasting the true expression of cannabis for the very first time. It’s best sampled on its own but remember, live resins are potent. Exercise proper care and caution for the best possible experience!

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