Summer in Seattle: Cool Off With These Cannabis Beverages

With summer fast approaching, many Americans are searching for ways to cool down. One refreshing alternative to typical cannabis consumption in the recreational era is the emergence of infused beverages, capable of delivering a dose of THC without the hassle of packing a bong or bowl. To quench your thirst this summer season, we’ve picked out some of the best cannabis beverages on the market.

Mobius D9 Blueberry

Mobius Cannabis Beverage
Source: I Heart Jane

Mobius is on the cutting edge of cannabis beverages, crafting a line of cannabinoid-rich refreshments that aim to stimulate mind, body, and spirit. In particular, the D9 Blueberry beverage provides mind-warping cerebral effects that have been reported to instill euphoria and enhance creativity.

Each beverage is packed with around 100mg THC, so beginners should heed caution during encounters with a Mobius D9 drink. Just a few sips will be an ample amount to instill a psychedelic state of being that easily takes thoughts off the heat.

Major Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade Cannabis Beverage
Source: I Heart Jane

For those in search of citrus flavor, this infused pink lemonade from cannabis product manufacturer Major promises to be memorable. Similar to Mobius products, most Major drinks clock in at 100mg THC. However, the Major Pink Lemonade comes in a much smaller, more potent form, making it important to go slow with this cannabis beverage.

Though the drink may be small, some consumers might see that as a bonus, as each bottle’s compact size makes them convenient for portable use. For those individuals with moderate to advanced tolerance, one modest swig will guarantee a buoyant mood throughout the rest of the day, while newer cannabis enthusiasts should start with even smaller amounts.

Evergreen Herbal Cinnamon Energy Shot

Evergreen Herbal Cannabis Beverage
Source: Weedmaps

Evergreen Herbal has put a twist on the typical cannabis beverage, as their “Hot Cinnamon Energy Shot” brings the heat with a dose of sugar and spice. Primarily known for its line of infused sodas, the company manufactures every hot cinnamon drink with only premium ingredients and the finest locally grown cannabis.

Beyond the dazzling psychoactive high induced by each shot, Evergreen Herbal pays special attention to ensuring a delicious product. Rich cinnamon flavor is elicited in every sip, resulting in an edible experience without an overwhelming taste of cannabis.

Wagon Wheel Apple Cider

Apple Cider Cannabis Beverage
Source: Weedmaps

Apple cider may be a staple of autumn, but there’s no rule against enjoying a refreshing bottle in the summertime, especially when infused with THC goodness. Wagon Wheel makes the most novel cannabis apple cider to be found at dispensaries, with a unique appeal and flavor that often piques the interest of cannabis consumers and keeps them coming back for more.

Every bottle of Wagon Wheel Apple Cider uses hybrid cannabis in its infusion process, paving the path for an all-encompassing body high that seems to uplift the soul. While high tolerance cannabis users can dive into the 100mg THC cider, there is also a 10mg THC option for those with lighter tolerance.

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