Vendor Spotlight: Evergreen Herbal

This Seattle-based cannabis brand has been servicing the Washington State legal market since 2012. From the ingredients to the packaging, Evergreen Herbal is dedicated to producing delicious and reliable edible cannabis products. Evergreen is also committed to collaborating with fellow industry leaders, advocates, researchers, and policymakers to create a stronger and healthier local cannabis industry.

And oh yeah, they also make some pretty incredible cannabis products. What makes Evergreen Herbal edibles and beverages so special?

Clean Flower, Clean Product

All of the flower that Evergreen Herbal uses to produce their cannabis products is sourced from Puffin Farms, a clean indoor growing facility.

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Puffin Farms are a Clean Green certified cannabis producer that does not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers on their plants. Instead, they rely on organic pesticides, insects, and nature to keep plants healthy. Additionally, all of their plants are grown in either organic potting soil or in natural soil from their fields.

By using clean, organically-grown flower, Evergreen is able to consistently produce clean and potent cannabis products.

From The Heart

Evergreen Herbal produce cannabis products designed to be consumed in the spirit of wellness, freedom, and fun. Before they made beverages and edibles for the recreational market, Evergreen Herbal had some time to perfect their craft as a supplier of medicinal cannabis products. As a result, their lineup is packed with a variety of products for a variety of tastes.

Evergreen is committed to placing the customer first by producing products that prioritize taste, potency, safety, and value.

Evergreen Herbal products are produced with local ingredients and with natural flavoring and coloring, whenever possible. Additionally, their products are tested at multiple stages during the extraction and manufacturing processes in order to ensure the elimination of residual solvents, microbes, pesticides, and any other toxins.

Evergreen’s products are not only produced with quality and purity in mind but also affordability and value. Thanks to their years of expertise in the cannabis industry, Evergreen is able to keep manufacturing and overhead costs lower than the competition, passing those savings on to the consumer with every purchase.

Refreshing Infused Beverages

Evergreen Herbal’s lineup of refreshing cannabis beverages is sure to have you buzzing.

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Source: Evergreen Herbal

Their Blaze Sodas are designed to carefully imitate the sodas you know and love, just with an extra kick! Available in such flavors as American Cola, Root Beer, Orange Cream Pie, and Wild Cherry, these carbonated and infused sodas are a perfect thirst quencher during the hot summer months.

For health-conscious consumers, Evergreen also offers its HiLite beverage line. These zero-calorie, zero-sugar sparkling antioxidant beverages are made exclusively with 1:1 CBD:THC ratio extract, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Both of these beverage lines are gluten-free and vegan-friendly!

Delicious Cannabis Edibles

Evergreen’s 4:20 chocolate edibles were some of the very first legal edibles available in Washington state. Initially designed for the medical market, these chocolates come in a variety of THC:CBD ratios to help patients better treat their various symptoms and conditions. Whether you prefer THC or CBD, tiny chocolate bites, or giant chocolate bars, there’s a 4:20 chocolate for everyone!

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Source: Evergreen Herbal

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