Summer Grub: BBQ Recipes to Accompany Your Smoke Session

With summer at the doorstep, it’s almost time once again to fire up the charcoal. While barbecuing by the pool has always been a time-honored tradition, lighting up some bowls as well only serves to add fun and intrigue to your grilling adventures. To compliment these delicious BBQ recipes, we’ve picked out some of the best summer strains for any kind of cannabis enthusiast to try.

BBQ Recipes: Burgers

bbq recipes 1


Grilling season would go to waste if it didn’t involve succulent flame-grilled burgers. This recipe for the ultimate burger is guaranteed to go down well with all who attempt it, with a roster of flexible ingredients that can be substituted to one’s own taste. While the instructions call for the use of two patties, light eaters will be fine with just one.

Strain pairing: Pineapple Express is an example of hybrids at their best, combining qualities of its indica and sativa lineages to produce a unique strain that instantly stands out any gathering of cannabis enthusiasts.

BBQ Recipes: Special Sauce

bbq recipes 2


No BBQ recipe is complete without the perfect sauce, and the offering featured above comes close. With just the right balance of savory, spicy, and sweet, most barbecue dishes will be lacking in the absence of this versatile additive that can be applied in a wide variety of situations.

Strain pairing: Just as this sauce goes with almost any dish, Alien OG also forms an ideal complement to a hearty meal. After just a few puffs of Alien OG, the natural flavors within food become much more vivid and intense, creating experiences that persist in the memory long after one is done eating.

BBQ Recipes: Grilled Shrimp with Lemon

bbq recipes 3


While red meat is considered the signature meat for barbecuing, sometimes seafood works as a change of pace. For mouth-watering grilled shrimp, this recipe recommends the use of lemon and oregano, stemming from an old Italian tradition.

Strain pairing: Maui Wowie is one of the most recognizable sativa strains sold at dispensaries, and its reputation is well warranted. Those who encounter Maui Wowie often remark on its ability to instantly relieve anxiety and stress, allowing individuals to enjoy their meal with mental peace and comfort.

BBQ Recipes: Paprika Chicken

bbq recipes 4


Chicken is a standard for grilling season, but this paprika-focused recipe provides a new twist. The creamy paprika marinade that coats its exterior creates a melt-in-the-mouth sensation when barbecued, serving as an excellent addition to poolside gatherings or other summer festivities.

Strain pairing: Blue Dream is known as one of the most pleasing smokes available, possessing a smooth flavor that lends itself to sharing with others. The strain is moderately potent, making it suited for inexperienced cannabis users or those seeking a less intense high to accompany their dinner.

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