There’s an App for That: Greenside Dives into the Brave New World of Cannabis Apps

Smartphones already guide and quantify much of our experience of the world, whether it’s through giving us driving directions or reminding us where we left our laptop. But smartphone programs designed to improve the experience of cannabis? You already know the answer: There’s an app for that! Cannabis apps run the gamut from relatively straightforward tools to help you locate dispensaries to sophisticated tools to help you track, quantify and improve your cannabis experience. We’ll run down a list of some of our current faves. Best of all, all the cannabis apps we list are free! Try them all, then only keep the ones you love.

Fall 2019 Cannabis Apps to Try


Cannabis apps Weedmaps

Currently ranked the #5 app in iTunes’ Medical category, this cannabis app aims to do a lot more than just help you find a dispensary (though it does that just fine, thank you). You’ll get peer reviews, news and deals, too, making it perhaps the go-to cannabis app. Learn more.


Cannabis apps Leafly

A not-too-distant #8 in Medical, the Leafly app began life mainly as a strain review resource. Since then it’s expanded into mapping and dispensary, doctor and clinic geolocation, news, and other cannabis-related content.


Cannabis apps tökr

This cannabis app matches cannabis fans with products and brands that address their particular needs and desires. Whether you use cannabis for sleep, pain relief, exercise or sex—or all of the above!—tökr gets high marks from its users for useful and actionable strain recommendations.


Cannabis apps MassRoots

This cannabis app is in some regards similar to the WeedMaps and Leafly offerings, in that it provides content on strains, dispensaries and brands. But what makes MassRoots special is the community vibe: Users share stories, photos of their stashes and plants, favorite recipes, and news.


Cannabis apps Strainprint

Strainprint’s mission statement really caught our attention: Designed by cannabis patients for other cannabis patients, the app helps you track your sessions and then learns your symptoms, your preferences and your usage. There is a reward component built in—in return for sharing your (anonymous) data with researchers and retailers, you earn points towards discounts—but we feel this cannabis app’s usefulness in helping you actually quantify the cannabis experience speaks for itself.


Cannabis apps Cannabis.Net

This app is aimed squarely at the home growing market. If it lacks the sophistication of the larger weed-finding apps we list above, it’s a useful tool both for upping your grow game—it helps growers track light, carbon dioxide and other critical grow factors—and for connecting with      other cannabis fans via chat and other features. The app also pushes its own interviews, articles and posts focused on cannabis use, education and growing. Learn more.


Cannabis apps Duby

Billing itself as the “#1 Cannabis Social Network in the world,” this cannabis app connects fans via anonymous chat as well as providing information on dispensaries and products. Duby gets high ratings from members who appreciate its dedication to privacy protection.

Whichever apps you choose, make sure to input info from your favorite Des Moines dispensary!

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