Dry Herb Pens: How to Vape Flower

When it comes to vaping, most consumers assume that oils and concentrates are the only materials that can be vaped. However, as the legalization movement has progressed, new and intriguing forms of cannabis vaporizers have been developed. With special cannabis vaporizers, even bud itself can now be heated and condensed into smooth, thick clouds of vapor. For those wondering how to vape flower, here’s all the info you need for your next visit to your favorite Seattle dispensary.

How to Vape Flower: Required Equipment

While other forms of vape typically require the use of specific cartridges filled with cannabis oil, newer vaporizers have been developed that extract vapor directly from cannabis flower. As vaping dry herb follows a different process than cartridges or concentrates, consumers may have to purchase a specially-designed vape pen capable of properly superheating cannabis.

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To this end, there are a number of reputable dry herb vaporizers currently on the market. Of the flower vaporizers available, PAX is known as one of the most effective and efficient pieces of equipment for those inexperienced with dry herb vapes. PAX pens are exceedingly simple to use, come in a variety of sizes and colors and have settings that can be modified to determine the heat and power employed in your vaping session.

Reasons to Vape Flower

There are many incentives for cannabis consumers to consider purchasing a dry herb pen. One of the most common reasons customers cite when buying their pen is the lack of hassle involved with dry herb vaporizers. While pipes or bongs may need substantial amounts of clean-up with sustained use, dry herb vaporizers are mostly known for their convenience and ease of cleaning, making the process of dosing cannabis comparatively smooth and simple.

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Likewise, dry herb vaporizers are portable and easy to use in a variety of situations. Pipes and other traditional pieces of equipment for smoking often require set-up and a stable environment before they can be used. Dry herb pens, however, can be taken anywhere, making the use of cannabis flower possible without needing a flat surface to pack your material.

How to Vape Flower Properly

The basics of how to vape flower will be common to every vaporizer, but there are important things to keep in mind when attempting to use your pen.

First, attempting to vaporize cannabis can require more patience than using the average pipe or bong. For dry herb pens like the PAX, heating cannabis to the point where vapor can be extracted takes somewhat longer than if it were ignited directly with a lighter. Some dry herb pens have adjustable power settings, which can determine the length of time before your cannabis begins to burn.

How to Vape Flower vaporizers in a row
Source: Vaping Daily

Likewise, these power settings can determine the power and potency of each load of cannabis. Setting the power on your dry herb pen to “high”, for example, can produce a heavy, long-lasting hit with dense vapor clouds. Likewise, those who prefer a more mild smoke can dial down their intake by adjusting the power to a lower setting. With dry herb pens, more control is put into the hands of cannabis consumers to shape their experience.

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