Cannabis for All Seasons: The Best Strains for the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with cannabis. As Christmas kickbacks have become a popular annual tradition, it follows logically that any holiday can be complemented with an intense smoke session. From Halloween to New Year’s, here are some strains for the holidays to help you start marking your calendar.

For Halloween: Space Queen

Strains for the Holidays 1

The ideal companion to any adventure, Space Queen offers out-of-this-world cerebral effects that sink into the mind almost instantly. Whether you’re kicking back with friends at a cannabis-friendly costume party or simply locked to the couch with your favorite horror movie, Space Queen will put you in the mood to be thoroughly entertained by any situation.

As a hybrid strain, Space Queen works to combine the best aspects of its sativa and indica lineage, creating a high that wraps the body in a warm embrace and inspires deep and intriguing thoughts. With an average THC content of 16%, the strain is considered relatively mild, but can be heavy for inexperienced consumers.

For Thanksgiving: Cherry Pie

Strains for the Holidays 2

As almost everyone knows, there is no better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with pie, and Cherry Pie is no exception. This scintillating hybrid strain, a combination of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison, is known for its exceptional ability to instigate relaxation and hunger in any who encounter it.

For those in search of the ideal strain to add an extra jolt of satisfaction to your Thanksgiving dinner, Cherry Pie is capable of making any meal delicious. With a smooth flavor that evokes hints of cherries and earth, Cherry Pie is one of the easiest strains for the holidays to smoke.

For Christmas: Blue Dream

Strains for the Holidays 3

No strain better evokes the spirit of the holidays than Blue Dream, one of the most famous sativa-dominant hybrids in the modern cannabis market. While Blue Dream is known for its potency, with some batches clocking in at over 20% on average, its restful and happy high is  more than enough to fill you with Christmas cheer.

With frosty blue buds reminiscent of a winter landscape and a delightful blueberry scent, Blue Dream is a strain for the holidays well-suited for sharing with friends. After a few hours with Blue Dream, your entire group will be uplifted with good vibes that promote creativity and generosity.

For New Year’s: Hazelnut Cream

Strains for the Holidays 4
Source: I Heart Jane

Well known as one of the tastiest strains available for purchase, Hazelnut Cream is the perfect addition to any New Year’s get-together. Owing to its Cookies and Cream lineage, Hazelnut Cream enhances the qualities of its parents by delivering a buzzy body high and euphoric effects that roll across the entire body.

With batches of Hazelnut Cream testing at 24% THC on average, this strain can be very powerful, but cannabis users of all varieties may find themselves coming back for its unique scent and flavor. Consumers who suffer from nausea or difficulty eating will also find themselves with a healthy appetite not long after smoking Hazelnut Cream.

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