Strain Spotlight: The Tangy Zing of Runtz Makes This Sweet Strain Sing

Today’s cannabis market is dripping with sweet strains—from Candyland to Girl Scout Cookies to Wedding Cake. So, how does a sweet strain stand out from the crowd? That’s exactly what the Runtz strain does, thanks to a combination of high potency, great flavor, and a legendary pedigree. Learn more in our ultimate Runtz strain review!

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Ultimate Runtz Strain Review

The Runtz strain, which occasionally goes by the name “Runtz OG,” features true hybrid genetics. As a Zkittlez and Gelato cross, it has a perfectly balanced 50/50 indica/sativa profile.

Thanks to its Gelato parent, Runtz can trace its lineage back to Girl Scout Cookies, one of the biggest strains of the last decade. That puts it firmly in the same genetic family as other heavy-hitters, such as Do Si Dos.

This colorful strain boasts bright neon-green buds speckled with purple spots. Each flower scintillates in a crystalline sheath of trichomes. Runtz is a true California native. It first rose to prominence in Los Angeles before proliferating into markets nationwide, including Washington.

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Runtz: Flavor and Aroma

Immediately upon encountering Runtz, the first thing you’ll notice is its aroma. It’s unabashedly sour, bordering on tropical, and cut with a prominent whiff of sweetness.

We mentioned before that this strain goes by Runtz OG in some places. The reason behind the OG moniker will quickly make itself apparent once the earthy tones typical of those genetics reach your nose.

Like its candy namesake, Runtz has a tangy, tingly, supremely sour flavor. It tilts beyond the citrus of an orange, leaning more toward a pineapple. Other sweet and fruity tones round out Runtz’s flavor profile, giving it a taste most other strains can only dream of achieving.

Runtz: Psychoactive Effects

Not to be outdone by its flavor and aroma, Runtz’s psychoactive effects are definitely the genesis of many love letters. Its balanced sativa/indica profile gives it an enjoyable, uplifting high. It’s invigorating without being overwhelming, and can spark creative inspiration. Here’s the best part: These effects usually last for a fairly long time, in the scheme of strains.

Runtz’s THC concentration is one of the reasons for these possible effects. Usually hovering around 20 percent, the reasonable potency makes this strain a great choice for consumers of any experience level. In addition, the presence of CBD in this strain may help those seeking relief from inflammation, anxiety, and several other conditions.

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Other Strains with Runtz Genetics: White and Pink Runtz

Although Runtz is still a fairly new strain, it’s been getting around. Intrepid cultivators have already produced several new Runtz varieties, among them Pink Runtz and White Runtz. These aren’t technically offshoots of Runtz. Instead, they’re different phenotypes, meaning plants that share the same genetics but exhibit different physical features. Still, both White and Pink Runtz feature a 50/50, indica/sativa split.

Does the thought of a tropical, sour, sweet, and coolly potent new strain make your mouth water? The only solution is to try some Runtz for yourself or embark on a tropical adventure from the comfort of your home by visiting our online store.

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