Strain Spotlight: Do Si Dos

Looking for an indica-dominant hybrid that can give you energy and won’t leave you couch locked? That can be a tall order, especially in today’s indica-happy market. Luckily, there’s a genetic line that can do just that: the Do Si Dos strain.

Do Si Dos Strain Review

Do si do strain

It’s been a while since our last strain review. In fact, the last time we did one was back in 2019, when we took a look at the CBD-heavy strain Harlequin. A lot has happened in the world of cannabis since then, including the Do Si Dos strain’s meteoric rise. Three main factors played into this rise: the strain’s effects, its aroma, and its flavor.


As a 70/30 indica-dominant strain, Do Si Dos possesses the laid-back and relaxing vibes you’d expect from an indica. This Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG cross can have THC levels ranging from 19 to 30 percent. That puts it firmly in the upper echelons of high-THC strains, according to experts.

As a result, it has a smooth and relaxing buzz. But unlike a pure indica can, Do Si Dos won’t send you into couch lock mode. Instead, it tends to garner an uplifting, mild euphoria to temper sedating effects. The end result many users report includes increased energy, focus, and creativity.

Flavor and Aroma

Do Si Dos’ terpene profile isn’t something to scoff at, either. It has a curious array of scents, with a pungent earthiness that somehow mixes perfectly with fruity and floral tones. Its flavor appears paradoxical at first, simultaneously skunky and sweet. But don’t let that drive you away—its smooth exhale makes each toke delightful.

Do Si Dos Lineage

Do si dos Cannabis Strain

Almost since its inception, breeders have been using Do Si Dos to generate new strains (we’ve covered how breeders create new strains before). Do So Dos has lent its genetics to a few strains that have become popular in recent years. Below, we’ll look at some of the best evolutions of Do Si Dos.


This Do si Dos and Gelato #41 cross may not have the name recognition of its parent, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid that boasts quality comparable to many of today’s heavy hitters.

Dolato has a rich flavor that’s bursting with sweet berries, spices, and an earthy musk reminiscent of OG strains. A faint piney taste rounds out its flavor profile.

Thanks to a combination of high THC content (which ranges from 22-29 percent) and a respectable 1 percent CBD, Dolato holds delightfully potent effects. It provides powerful relaxation, but without the crippling couch lock typical of some indica strains. Instead, an uplifting euphoria sharpens the senses, leaving you with a pleasant buzz.

If you want to experience Dolato for yourself, check out our version of this strain.

Dosi Pie

Though a recognizable name to many strain aficionados, this is probably one of the rarest descendants of Do Si Dos on the market. A cross between Do Si Dos and Velvet Pie, Dosi Pie features a complex taste and aroma that combines sweet, citrusy, earthy, and floral flavors.

With a 90:10 indica-dominant genetic profile, Dosi Pie is significantly more sedative than its cousin Dolato. But even though it’s nearly a pure indica, it still can impart some invigorating energy and creativity. That’s likely due to its slightly lower THC content compared to Dolato, which typically maxes out at 19 percent. It’s a good gem to keep an eye out for when you’re browsing.

If this Do Si Dos strain review has you salivating to try some new strains yourself, you’re in luck. Check out some of the best strains available today (including Dolato and many more) at this cannabis dispensary.

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