Cannabis Strain Profile: Harlequin, A High-CBD Miracle Worker

If you wanted proof that cannabis isn’t all about getting stoned, look no further than Harlequin. A high-CBD powerhouse dating from before the current CBD craze, it’s quietly become one of America’s favorite strains by offering its countless fans a mild, gentle but effective way to manage anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammatory symptoms. Here’s the story behind this unusual and much-loved cannabis strain.

Harlequin: Cannabis Without the Stoniness

Though you might not know it given the popularity of potent, high-THC cannabis, there’s probably been a place for gentle and mildly psychoactive strains as long as there’s been cannabis. Because many of us find the effects of THC distracting or disorienting—particularly during daylight hours—strains that address our bodily and mental ills without leaving us foggy can be particularly valuable.

Harlequin plant
Source: Leafly

Developed primarily from Columbian Gold, Swiss and Thai sativas, Harlequin ends up being about 75% sativa, genetically speaking. But because it develops a reliably strong CBD to THC ratio—typically 5:2—many of the usual buzzy sativa cerebral effects are mitigated. In other words, this is a strain of cannabis designed to stay out of the way. That’s one reason so many of us love it for the relative clear-headedness and focus it imparts, though some find that it provides relief of mild anxiety as well.

Flavor- and aroma-wise, Harlequin is often described as “musky and earthy” with undertones of tropical and citrus fruit. That’s a reflection in large part to its healthy terpene profile, including myrcene, a-pinene, and b-caryophyllene.

Harlequin: Possible Relief from Pain, Inflammation, and Nausea

Instead of imparting a potent cerebral high, Harlequin tends to focus its effects on the body without a weighty “body high.” Many medical patients turn to it to manage acute and chronic pain and associated symptoms like inflammation. In additions, some turn to it for relief from neuralgic pain, or that associated with nerve damage. Harlequin helps others suffering from fibromyalgia, a shadowy and difficult-to-diagnose condition characterized by general pain, fatigue, memory and mood issues, among others.

Harlequin sick woman

While thankfully nausea isn’t common among the general population, for those undergoing treatment for cancer and other diseases, nausea and the accompanying loss of appetite is a common side effect. Here too, Harlequin offers strong relief of symptoms without the body high typical of indica-leaning strains.

Ultimately, more studies are needed to determine its effectiveness at managing these symptoms, however, the anecdotal evidence is certainly inspiring.

Harlequin: In Conclusion

If you’re one of the increasing number of cannabis fans who want more of the plant’s medicinal benefits without the fogginess associated with THC, Harlequin should be one of your go-tos. Although there are cannabis strains that impart even less psychoactivity—Charlotte’s Web and ACDC come to mind—most find that Harlequin is very mildly intoxicating, if at all.

Harlequin bud
Source: Cannabis Now

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