New Year’s Weed: Cannabis Resolutions to Consider

Did you set resolutions for the New Year? If not, it’s not too late! While many resolutions revolve around typical self-improvement goals like exercising, reading more, or being more social, it can be worthwhile to consider how cannabis can brighten your year to come. These New Year’s cannabis resolutions may just help you accomplish your other goals, too. Give them a shot!

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Cannabis Resolutions: More Social Smoking

Smoking cannabis is often a great way to add joy to nights indoors by yourself, but it can also act as an excellent social icebreaker. In the new year, you may want to think about how to develop more social connections with fellow cannabis users to experience the joys of recreational legalization with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet.

Attend an event at Greenside Rec, go to a party with a slight buzz, or host some friends for a cannabis dinner party. Cannabis can be a great tool for sparking friendships and helping you ease through any social discomfort.

Cannabis Resolutions: Try CBD Strains

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When it comes to cannabis, most consumers immediately think of THC, the mind-bending psychoactive component contained within trichomes that coat the exterior of the cannabis plant. However, with the arrival of recreational legalization has come to a variety of new products and strains that utilize other components within cannabis.

One such increasingly-popular chemical compound found within cannabis is CBD, short for cannabidiol. Though CBD is not a psychoactive chemical and thus does not instigate a “high” like THC, the compound is known for its soothing effects capable of alleviating both pain and anxiety. In the new year, testing out CBD-rich strains, edibles or balms may introduce you to an entirely new world of cannabis relief.

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Cannabis Resolutions: Experiment with Concentrates

If CBD doesn’t capture your interest, recreational legalization has allowed for more intense cannabis experiences, too. Cannabis concentrates such as shatter or wax pack powerful amounts of THC into small quantities that can then be ignited or “dabbed” using special equipment.

Using concentrates can also make for a remarkable social experience. Dabbing has become a cannabis pastime, and groups of experienced cannabis consumers are guaranteed to appreciate the uniquely potent, dizzying high that can often be acquired from the use of concentrates.

Cannabis Resolutions: Exercise with Cannabis

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While it is often assumed that cannabis is a drain on motivation, exercising with cannabis can actually produce lucrative results. Individuals who add cannabis to their everyday exercise routine can find a reduction in the pain typically associated with exercise, as well as a more positive attitude towards working out as a result of increased endorphins.

Or what about starting a cannabis journal (or even a blog!)? There are plenty of cannabis-based resolutions you can put into motion this year. Brainstorm a few and see which might work for you.

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