Cannabis Infused Drinks: Best Cannabis Beverages

One of the best ways to stay cool is with a refreshing, cold drink. As humans, we’ve formulated countless chilled beverages over the ages. But we may have manifested one of our greatest creations with the liquid marijuana drink.

Cannabis infused drinks are exploding in popularity, leading to tons of beverages saturating the market. Never fear. We’ll show you some of our favorite THC infused drinks and where to find them in this post.

cannabis infused drinks

What Are Cannabis Beverages?

Think of cannabis beverages as a subgenre of edibles. The two share the same routes of administration, passing through your digestive system before your liver metabolizes them. That gives them the same slow onset, enhanced potency, and long-lasting effects when compared to smoked or inhaled cannabis.

In addition, cannabis beverages can contain a variety of active ingredients. Generally, the cannabinoid THC takes center stage. But you can also find drinks that use other cannabinoids like CBD to enhance their formulas. Thanks to a phenomenon called the “Entourage Effect,” the presence of multiple active cannabinoids in a single marijuana drink can empower the liquid’s effects.

Our Favorite Cannabis Infused Drinks for Summer 2022

Now that we have all of our background information out of the way, it’s time to get to the main event. Here are a few of our favorite cannabis beverages for the summer of 2022!

Lil Ray’s

If you’re familiar with cannabis infused drinks, you may have heard of Ray’s Lemonade before. They’re as close as you can get to a household name in the cannabis industry thanks to their deliciously-flavored and highly potent drinks. To improve upon their previous releases, Ray’s introduced their latest line, known by the name “Little Ray’s.”

These drinks feature the same amount of THC as their larger predecessors, but in a much smaller 5 ml container. That makes them super easy to transport and low-key to consume. Some of our customers’ favorites here at Greenside Rec are Raspberry, Cherry Lemonade, Tropical Kush Lemonade, and Tiger’s Blood Lemonade.

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Cannabis beverages


Major, a mainstay of the cannabis infused drinks scene, recently released some new flavors to quench our thirsts. Unlike Lil Ray’s, these come in 2 oz bottles, giving you the ability to keep sipping on an exciting variety of flavors.

Can’t wait to wash your taste buds with one of Major’s cannabis beverages? You can find Major’s most popular flavors like Dreamin’ of Passion Fruit, Pacific Coast Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Sacred Grape, and Volcanic Orange Mango at Greenside Rec. Each of these drinks contains 100 mg of THC extracted from hybrid cannabis plants.

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While most of the other entries on this list have focused on THC-centric drinks, that’s about to change. Mobius formulates many of their drinks with THC’s cousin, CBD, in mind. While CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties as THC, it has a variety of its own effects to impart. Many people look to CBD to help them relax, relieve pain and discomfort, and get better sleep.

Mobius has created a lineup of THC focused and balanced THC:CBD beverages, with each bottle containing at least 100 mg of cannabinoids. If you want to pop open a container of Mobius’ drinks, Greenside Rec is where to buy them. Our customers especially love the Blood Orange, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Pineapple flavors.

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THC Infused Drinks

Where To Buy THC Infused Drinks: Greenside Rec

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