Bubble Hash: What Is It, How Its Made, Where to Find It

If you’ve visited cannabis dispensaries, you’ve probably heard about hash. But, what exactly is bubble hash, and is it better than flower? In this article, we break down the origins of bubble hash, how it’s made, and how to spot the best possible quality product when you go to buy some. 

Bubble Hash: Origins

Humans have been consuming cannabis for centuries, and historical records indicate that hash was consumed many years before that of the dried and cured flower. In Ancient Asian cultures thousands of years ago, hashish was typically produced by pressing kief with intense pressure. 

Kief is what falls into your grinder when you grind up buds, which contain trichomes. Resinous glands known as trichomes are where the cannabis plant stores its highly desirable cannabinoids, terpenes, and other sought-after compounds. After the hash is pressed, it becomes the substance with the well-known shade of golden brown. Nowadays, one of the most popular cannabis concentrates is bubble hash.

Naturally, the processes and techniques of making ice water hash aren’t new. Bags with microscopic holes that cause trichomes to sink when they’re submerged in water have been sold in High Times magazines since the late 1980s. It is widely agreed that an industry pioneer known as OG Skunkman was the first to sell these bags, although the process of making this top-shelf concentrate has evolved drastically since then. This evolution is thanks to significant technological advancements thanks to cannabis policy reform. 

What is Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash: How It’s Made

Most commonly, the bubble hash method involves utilizing an ice water bath to separate trichomes from cannabis buds and form the substance into a sticky goo. Whether cannabis buds are cured, fresh frozen, or otherwise is entirely dependent on the hash maker. The hash-washing vessel is typically a large bucket or a plastic trash can, although many high-quality products are available to take the place of plastic containers – albeit more expensive. 

The first step of the hash making method is to agitate the buds in an ice water bath to separate the trichomes. Ice water is used because this makes trichomes more brittle and therefore more easily detachable than room temperature water. Once the trichomes separate, they fall to the bottom of the ice water bath and are passed through screens to sift through. 

The resulting liquid containing trichomes is then poured through mesh bags and then freeze-dried to remove moisture. From there, the premium bubble hash can is sold as is. Or, it can be pressed into hash rosin using a rosin press. Rosin costs more than bubble hash does. That’s usually because rosin presses are expensive and the act of pressing is an extra labor-intensive step in the process.

How to Make Bubble Hash

What Is Full-Melt?

Many hash makers claim that they produce full melt hash, but this isn’t always the case. Full melt should pass the melt test. This means the product will melt entirely without producing any residue that is left behind. This is the best way to test to see if bubble hash is high-grade. That’s because half-melt only melts halfway or even less and leaves behind a noticeable residue. 

Where to Get Bubble Hash

As you can see, not all bubble hash is created equal. You’ll want to take the content in this article into account before purchasing a product claimed to be full melt. If you’re in the market for some premium full-melt, be sure to shop at a well-reviewed, licensed, reputable Seattle dispensary.

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