Rick Simpson Oil: The Legend of the Man

Within the pantheon of cannabis icons, there are many storied names who made their mark on the history of the industry through their ingenuity or fervent passion for the cause of legalization. However, one name in particular has become well-known to cannabis consumers the world over, owing to his invention of a product that is now sought for the treatment of a variety of ailments. Rick Simpson, who lent his name to his signature Rick Simpson Oil, is a veritable legend of the field whose story will be told for decades to come.

Rick Simpson Oil

Who Was Rick Simpson?

The story of Rick Simpson is novel, though it speaks to the pioneering spirit that has always defined cannabis culture. Rick Simpson is a cannabis enthusiast with origins in Canada who worked as an engineer by trade. At the time he developed his oil, cannabis was prohibited in Canada, although the government has since legalized its growth and sale for recreational use.

Rick’s occupational conditions were hazardous, and throughout his employment he suffered from various ailments related to toxic substances encountered while working on the job. After years of persisting in this living, he was suffering from several chronic conditions, with the most dire being his diagnosis with skin cancer in 2003.

For these conditions, Simpson looked for a natural form of treatment in order to avoid traditional pharmaceutical medicines. This incited a passion for cannabis in Simpson, as he soon developed his own crop of marijuana which he could draw upon for medicinal purposes.

Rick Simpson Oil

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil eventually came about as a result of the need to treat the painful outgrowths that appeared on his skin because of the cancer. At the time, many exciting studies were being put forward regarding the potential efficiency of cannabis in treating different conditions. Simpson had stumbled upon an article detailing research on the use of cannabis for addressing cancer in mice.

As an engineer, Rick Simpson concocted his own special extract for treating his skin cancer. After a relatively short period of only a few days, Simpson claims that his growths completely vanished, leaving him only with a possible miracle product that he resolved to evangelize to the wider cannabis community.

Benefits of RSOl

While research remains to be done on the exact impact of cannabis on treating various medical conditions, Rick Simpson Oil has been anecdotally reported to reduce pain and inflammation in affected areas of the body by those who have used it.

We’ll let you know when studies have been done that showcase the benefits of RSO.

Rick Simpson Oil

Using Rick Simpson Oil

Using Rick Simpson Oil is exceedingly simple. All one needs to do is measure out a dose of the substance and apply it to the localized area of the body that is experiencing inflammation or discomfort. Within a short amount of time, you should begin to feel the RSO work its magic, though always consult with a doctor to determine the appropriate treatment parameters, as well as what kind of dose to use.

You can find RSO at our Seattle dispensary or our Des Moines dispensary.

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