Why We Love Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are a very convenient way to enjoy the joint smoking experience without having to roll your own joints. Not everyone is a master joint roller, and not everyone has the time (or desire) to roll a joint. Thanks to pre-rolls, none of that matters.


What Are Pre-Rolls and Why Are They So Great?

As you can probably tell by their name, pre-rolls are joints that have already been rolled for you. Most are loaded and rolled by a machine, ensuring that they are rolled perfectly each and every time.

Why are pre-rolls so great? Well, rolling a joint well isn’t the easiest thing to do if you don’t practice it or have much experience with it. Smoking a poorly rolled joint can really detract from the experience since they often burn unevenly or simply go out part way through. When you opt for a pre-roll, you can expect a smooth joint smoking experience that won’t disappoint.

Furthermore, their ease-of-use makes them perfect for beginners and occasional smokers. A pre-roll can be a great way to try out cannabis for the first time without needing to buy any extra accessories or carry around any equipment.

Rolling a good joint takes time and effort that not everyone wants to spend. Pre-rolls allow someone to experience cannabis immediately without having to go through the process of preparing it. They are a perfect option for someone looking to enjoy cannabis without effort or needed equipment. Whether you’re heading out for a long hike or you just want to enjoy a smoke with some friends, grab some pre-rolls beforehand and save yourself the trouble of having to roll a joint later.

Pre-rolls are also a great way to try out new strains without having to buy bulk flower. Instead of dropping more money on multiple grams, just grab a less pricey pre-roll and see what a new strain is all about before investing.


Take Things To The Next Level With Pre-Rolled Blunts and Infused Joints

One of the great things about pre-rolls is that they come in many different varieties and sizes.

Think a simple joint won’t be enough to get the job done? Go for some pre-rolled blunts instead and enjoy a more flavorful smoke with more cannabis packed inside.

Another option is to swap the regular pre-roll for an infused variety. Infused pre-rolls contain potent concentrates or extracts on top of the flower, giving the joint a powerful kick and bumping up its potency.

In addition, pre-rolls come in several different sizes. You can typically find pre-rolls clocking in at 0.3 grams, 0.5 grams, 1.0 grams, and 1.5 grams.


An Impressive Selection of Cannabis Pre-Rolls at Greenside Rec

Just because you aren’t rolling your own joint doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to customize your experience. Between the variety of sizes, strains and additions like concentrates or extracts, we think pre-rolls are a pretty versatile addition to any cannabis lover’s rotation.

Want to try out some fine cannabis pre-rolls for yourself? Then come by one of our dispensary locations today or browse our online menu right now to shop a huge selection of cannabis pre rolls available in many different strains and sizes. We look forward to seeing you!