Motorbreath Cannabis Strain Review

Gas may be getting more and more expensive these days, but you can always rely on this strain to keep your engine running. Motorbreath (also known as “Motor Breath”) is a indica-dominant strain that will have you feeling chilled out, relaxed, and ready to kick back in no time. Its effects, along with its unique flavor, make it one of the best indica strains you can find at Greenside Rec.


Motorbreath (a.k.a. “Motor Breath”) Strain Genetics

First things first: Where does Motorbreath come from? Cannabis breeders Pisces Genetics gave us Motorbreath by crossing the two legendary strains: Chemdawg and San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush.

If you haven’t heard of Chemdawg before, let’s brush you up on your cannabis history. No one actually knows Chemdawg’s genetic lineage. Instead, a grower just found some seeds in a bag of cannabis he bought at a Grateful Dead concert and planted them, giving us one of the most notorious strains of all time.

SFV OG Kush is a hugely powerful member of the OG Kush family. You can find out what an original OG Kush strain feels like at your next trip to Greenside Rec. By extension, Motorbreath is also part of this family of strains. The two definitely bear a resemblance to one another, and they’re both some of the best indica strains out there today.


Motorbreath Effects

What exactly does it mean to be a powerful indica strain? If you’re Motorbreath, quite a bit, actually. While most indica strains are highly relaxing and borderline sedating, that’s not Motorbreath’s MO.

Instead, Motorbreath actually has quite a diverse array of effects for an indica-dominant strain. For one, it’s equal parts relaxing and energizing. That makes it a great choice for enjoying at any time of day. That’s in stark contrast to most indicas, which are usually best saved as nightcaps.

Motorbreath gets much of its effectiveness from its high THC content. It regularly clocks in at over 25% THC, putting it firmly in the category of high-powered strains. In addition, the presence of CBG in this strain also plays a part in its effects. CBG is sometimes referred to as a “proto-cannabinoid” since it can be synthesized into THC and CBD in living plants. It can also enhance a strain’s innate effects thanks to a phenomenon called the entourage effect.


Terpene Profile Brought to You by Myrcene

Motorbreath gets its name from its intense scent and taste. Its industrial, diesel fuel-like scent is instantly recognizable. If you’re a fan of how strains like Sour Diesel smell, you’ll love Motorbreath’s aroma. In fact, Motorbreath shares a parent with Sour Diesel: Chemdawg.

Myrcene dominates Motorbreath’s terpene profile. Myrcene has a fairly complex flavor and aromatic profile with musky and sweet notes. You can find it in a variety of foods including mango. Aside from its potent scent, this terpene may possess a variety of benefits including anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.

Motorbreath: One of the Best Indica Strains at Greenside Rec

Want to get a taste of Motorbreath for yourself? You can find it here at Greenside Rec! And if you’re interested in another strain, don’t forget to check out our online menu!

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