Cookies and Cream Strain Review: One of the Best Hybrid Strains Out There

Talk to some hardcore cannabis connoisseurs today, and they’ll tell you that we’re in the “dessert strain” era of marijuana genetics. Strains like Gelato and Wedding Cake have changed the landscape of cannabis genetics forever. For consumers, that’s a good thing—who doesn’t like cannabis that tastes great? That’s exactly the kind of strain we’re going to look at today in our review of Cookies and Cream, one of the best hybrid strains at Greenside Rec right now.

Cookies and Cream Strain Review

Cookies and Cream definitely deserve their place in the “dessert strain” category. For one, its genetic line includes Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most beloved strains of the last decade. And with a smooth, sweet flavor, its terpene profile feels perfect for an after-dinner puff. Finally, its balanced hybrid effects really seal the deal.

Genetic Profile: One of the Best Hybrid Strains at Greenside Rec

Like many tales, our story doesn’t start with the birth of Cookies and Cream. Instead, we need to take a look at where it came from. Cookies and Cream is the result of crossing the Starfighter strain with an unknown Girl Scout Cookies strain.

This cross results in a pure hybrid strain. Thanks to its balanced 50/50 genetics, Cookies and Cream is a great strain for anyone who wants to experience what a truly balanced hybrid feels like (more on its effects later).

Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene Dominant

With a name like “Cookies and Cream,” you’d probably expect this strain to have a sweet taste and aroma. And you’d be right! This strain boasts a scent that invokes mental images of candy, along with other generally sweet fragrances. Its taste is a little bit more sophisticated, involving hints of nuts along with a powerful display of vanilla.

With such a sweet flavor palette, you might be surprised to discover that caryophyllene is the most common terpene in Cookies and Cream. The caryophyllene terpene is generally associated with spicy, sharp flavors. It’s one of the main components in black pepper’s taste. Nonetheless, it plays an important role in developing Cookies and Cream’s smooth, mouthwatering taste.

Balanced Hybrid Effects from THC and CBG

Last (but certainly not least), we can’t forget to mention Cookies and Cream’s effects. And thanks to its fairly balanced hybrid genetic profile, Cookies and Cream is a strain that provides everything you could ever want from cannabis.

We’re not the only ones saying that Cookies and Cream is one of the best hybrid strains out there today. Judges at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in Denver also named this strain its “Best US Hybrid.

With an impressive THC concentration that’s often north of 20%, Cookies and Cream definitely earned that title. It also exhibits trace amounts of CBG. This minor terpene may be able to reduce inflammation and pain, according to some research.

Cookies and Cream’s effects combine an uplifting, cerebral euphoria with down-to-earth, relaxing vibes. It’s simultaneously energizing and soothing, and can sometimes leave you feeling a little sleepy. As a result, Cookies and Cream is a good end-of-day strain.

Medical cannabis users have also reported several benefits from Cookies and Cream. They note that it appears to be able to help them with trouble sleeping, chronic discomfort, stress, and muscle spasms. Notably, users have also reported it may help with stomach issues like GI trouble or nausea.

Cookies and Cream Strain at Greenside Rec

Interested in trying this strain for yourself? You’re in luck! You can find Cookies and Cream (as well as its parent Starfighter) at Greenside Rec. And don’t forget to browse our menu for other popular dessert strains. We look forward to seeing you!

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