Local Beauty: Gorgeous State Parks Near Des Moines

In the state of Washington, locals are never at a lack for great national parks to visit, and residents of the city of Des Moines are no exception. Across the Puget Sound area, national parks abound in all of their beauty and splendor, with some of Washington’s finest examples within driving distance of the region’s many urban hubs. For the best state parks near Des Moines, look no further than these handpicked selections.

State Parks Near Des Moines: Saltwater State Park

State Parks Near Des Moines Saltwater State Park

The most conveniently located state park near Des Moines, Saltwater State Park is renowned for its oceanside fun that incorporates the full scenic splendor of the Puget Sound into a unique biome for visitors to experience. While the beach in the summertime is one of the most popular destinations in the entire region, there are more than enough other amenities available to occupy any hot day.

In addition to the sandy shore, Saltwater State Park offers underwater excitement as well, with a full artificial reef for divers to survey. As this is the only state park in the state of Washington to provide such a resource, Saltwater State Park is a must-visit destination for biology majors or other marine life enthusiasts.

State Parks Near Des Moines: Dash Point State Park

State Parks Near Des Moines Dash Point State Park

Located snugly between Seattle and Tacoma, Dash Point’s convenient positioning allows it to be one of the main summer hubs for residents of either city. As one of the most popular state parks near Des Moines, finding a spot on the beach may be difficult, but there are plenty of opportunities for ocean adventures with fishing and kayaking both available to visitors.

In particular, Dash Point State Park is known as a well-trafficked destination for bodyboarding, as the shallow waters make for ideal conditions to skim along the water’s surface. No matter your individual proclivities, Dash Point State Park has something to offer anyone who decides to make the trip.

State Parks Near Des Moines: Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

State Parks Near Des Moines Kanaskat-Palmer State Park
Source: Washington State Parks

Kanaskat-Palmer State Park has all of the features of a typical state park, but its distinguishing feature will make it a memorable destination for any visitor to its majestic natural landscape. Upon arriving at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, guests are immediately treated to a view of Washington’s Green River, which runs through the length of the park and lends it its distinct charm.

Though the Green River can be too dangerous at times for the average park visitor to traverse, kayaking and white-water rafting are available during certain periods throughout the year. Even if rafting down the river is not exactly your speed, fishing, and other amenities are available to any and all guests who visit.

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