Greenside Recreational’s Vendor Spotlight: Canna Organix

When we first opened our doors in 2011, we knew it would take a lot of work to make Greenside a successful business, one worthy of the public’s trust and support. And we knew that we didn’t have a chance of succeeding if we didn’t have great vendors, partners, and allies to help make it all happen.

Now, some 8 years later, we’re proud to feel so embedded in our communities of Seattle and Des Moines. And we want to thank the many great folks in the cannabis industry who’ve helped us get there. That’s why today’s “Vendor Spotlight” gets turned on Canna Organix, a sprawling growing operation based in beautiful Sequim, WA. Using a refreshingly hands-on approach, they’ve been quietly growing some of the best cannabis products to hit the shelves.

Canna Organix: Cannabis Grown the Old-Fashioned Way, By Hand

Canna Organix 1

Trust us, we love all the newfangled and cutting-edge cannabis products hitting the market these days, from concentrates and extracts to vape pens and beyond. But perhaps because cannabis is an all-natural product, there’s something special and—dare we say—kind of romantic about the idea of gardeners tending precious cannabis plants by hand, carefully watering and pruning and straight-up loving them through every step of the life cycle.

The good folks behind Canna Organix seem to agree. Because Sequim—located just above the stunning natural splendor of the Olympic National Park—has such an ideal climate for growing cannabis, among other plants, the folks there use the abundant sunshine, rainfall, and temperate weather to their advantage.

What’s more, they take a hands-on approach to their plants. Gardeners hand-select buds for manicuring and curing only when the time is right. Embracing the notion that sustainability and good stewardship of the environment go hand in hand with producing great natural products, they back up their words with real actions, maintaining their plants without artificial pesticides and taking advantage of modern and innovative greenhouse and environmental controls.

Of course, as with all the top-shelf cannabis we sell, the products speak for themselves. Here are a few of our favorite cannabis products from Canna Organix. As with all our products, be sure to check our live menu for availability. Products come and go in the blink of an eye, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on what you came for!

Canna Organix Strains We Love

Do-si-dos (prepackaged flower)

Canna Organix Do-si-dos
Source: Canna Organix Facebook

A 2018 DOPE Cup winner, this indica-dominant hybrid sports “doughy, kushy, fruity” flavors. It delivers a powerful 24.51% THC and just a whiff of CBD at .01%.

The Glue (prepackaged flower)

Canna Organix The Glue
Source: Canna Organix Facebook

This cross between Chemsis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel won both the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup and the 2017 Washington Dope Cup. Look for bright, beautiful, crystal-dusted flowers and an amazing aroma. Another powerful smoke offering 25.91% THC and .1% CBD.

Canna Whupass

Canna Organix products
Source: Canna Organix

These punny extracts are designed with a very serious goal in mind: Taking advantage of the “entourage effect” enabled when cannabinoids and terpenes work in harmony. Based upon nearly 100% THC, “Canna Whupass” is a line of clear extracts infused with naturally derived terpenes to deliver specific flavor and experience profiles. We look forward to seeing where this innovative combination of old-fashioned growing practices and ultra-modern product design leads!

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