Pleasant Paths: The Best Des Moines Bike Trails

In all of America, there is probably no better environment for biking enthusiasts than the metropolitan area encompassing the Puget Sound. With its convenient location midway between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma, the suburb of Des Moines provides easy access to an assortment of the best bicycling trails in the state of Washington. For residents of this quiet city, here are a few selections of stunning Des Moines bike trails to make your next ride memorable.

3 Great Des Moines Bike Trails to Check Out

Des Moines Creek Trail

Des Moines Bike Trails Des Moines Creek Trail
Source: Trail Link via @lorihansbargercarchedi

Spanning the gap between the cities of Des Moines and Seattle, the Des Moines Creek Trail runs through Des Moines Creek Park offering a full view of the woodland beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This is one of the more popular Des Moines bike trails, and for good reason, as the trail is well-maintained and known as one of the more visually pleasing bike paths near the city of Seattle.

For those who want to stop and take a break, a variety of amenities are available to visitors, including benches and drinking fountains. While this Des Moines bike trail is not necessarily ideal for commuting, it will take you to the south side of Seattle, making it perhaps a convenient transit path for those exploring the area.

Interurban Trail

Des Moines Bike Trails Interurban Trail
Source: Trail Link via @barbara

The Interurban Trail does justice to its name, running along an urban corridor directly to the east of Des Moines that connects towns like Kent and Auburn. The length and flat terrain of this trail, running through a growing metropolitan area, make it a popular choice for any who have a daily commute to one of the many towns the Interurban Trail runs through.

While part of the Interurban Trail winds across wooded areas, this trail will also take you through some of the more subdued commercial regions of places like Tukwila. The mixture of urban and woodland settings makes for diverse scenery as you ride along all 18 miles of the Interurban Trail’s sprawling path.

Des Moines Bike Trails: Green River Trail

Des Moines Bike Trails Green River Trail
Source: Trail Link via @mlaun

One of the more aesthetically pleasing trails in the Puget Sound region, many commuters spend their mornings with the beautiful verdant dawn of the Green River Trail’s pleasant suburban path, stretching from the town of Kent all the way to Seattle’s southern borders. The Green River Trail actually allows for direct access to the Interurban Trail, creating some synergy between commuter routes for the two paths.

Extending for over 20 miles, the Green River Trail provides an excellent avenue for exercise, and its long path is relatively well-paved when compared to other popular Des Moines bike paths. As the path is connected to a variety of parks and residential areas, one full trip will provide a view of the Puget Sound’s tranquil interurban landscape.

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